Unfortunately, this deal has expired 18 October 2023.
Posted 7 September 2023

11 Night Cruise British Isles *Full Board* 24 Sep 2023 Norwegian Dawn - Solo £629 or Couple £499pp

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Bargain price for either a SOLO 11 Night Cruise on the NCL Norwegian Dawn Ship at £629 for Solo, or a couple is £499pp (£998)
Departing/Returning Southampton 24th Sept 2023

Crusing the British Isles

Included in cruise
All meals
Daily entertainment
Port fees and taxes
Children's and youth club 3-17 years

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1SEP 24
Southampton, Great Britain

2SEP 25
At Sea

3SEP 26
South Queensferry, Scotland

4 SEP 27
Invergordon, Scotland

5 SEP 28
Kirkwall (Orkney Islands), Scotland

6 SEP 29
Belfast, Northern Ireland

7 SEP 30
Dublin, Ireland

8 OCT 1
At Sea

9 OCT 2
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

10 OCT 3
Bruges (Zeebrugge), Belgium

11 OCT 4
Le Havre (Paris), France

12 OCT 5
Southampton, Great Britain
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  1. legodealsmad's avatar
    plus $16.99 gratuities plus drinks package at £199 .. whilst people will say you can remove the gratuities you are made aware when you book.
    andy321a's avatar
    That’s per passenger $398 per couple
  2. getmore4less's avatar
    Free at sea(FAS) to add the drinks package and a speciality meal a bit of WiFi and £50 shorex credit per shore excursion taken add £199
    ( sometimes on offer 50% next change window 14th Sept).

    For more information

    Discretionary service £15.50pppd, can prepay but then harder to adjust later, if paid onboard($20pppd) can be adjusted or removed.

    Fully included for 2 £1738.(withFAS and Service include)

    Parking Southampton £5 day west quay multi story, suspect the cheaper options full.

    This is a good price, UK cruises are often overlooked but we try to do at least one a year.

    Dawn is an ok ship nice size easy to get around we had 10 days on it earlier this year.

    Seascanner price is same as NCL direct

    Some other agents will discount

    For 2pax (and probably 1)
    Cheaper through vivavoyage £920 to get you started. £1275 with free at sea.

    NCL have flight credit on this one, might help those that live north with flight options to Southampton or London (easy transfer).
    Zameen's avatar
    Which agents discount? just for info for when I look to book a cruise (edited)
  3. Barney1954's avatar
    I've never been on a cruise so this seems to be a good first cruise. Like others have said the FaS package looks to be worth purchasing, does the following mean you can order two drinks at one time, not per day?

    "Eligible guests are entitled to two beverages per person per transaction. Includes a variety of spirits and cocktails, wines by the glass and bottled or draft beer up to $15 USD retail price."

    The $50 USD Per Port Shore Excursion Credit per stateroom also looks good, but what price are the excursions? As it's mostly the UK is it worth just making your own way to sightsee? (edited)
    warriorscot's avatar
    Yeah two at a time, but to be honest they don't really enforce that as long as you aren't taking the mick, on a recent cruise I only saw them do it to one person, and he was regularly buying drinks for other people.

    The excursion price looks good, but the minimums usually more than that and usually only for things like bus transfers so you end up paying the going rate or slightly more than if you arranged it yourself so it's only good if you were going to do something organised anyway and want the discount.
  4. mrgentry's avatar
    Is it possible to search solo only deals please.
    Tee-Kay's avatar
    Yes, go to ‘My Profile’ and ‘Manage Alerts’, then add ‘Solo’ (or any other key word) and what level alert you would like. You will then be notified when that key word is listed.
  5. redromski's avatar
    Service charge (gratuities) was $20 dollars a person when I was on week before last.

    Also the drinks package (called Free at sea) also gets you a speciality dining meal (a meal in Cagneys was close to $200 dollars if we paid seperately) some free internet (doubt you need it on this cruise) and $50 off each shore excusion you book through NCL.

    For £199 pp for me great value and will always put it on, as the choice in drinks is very extensive as well. (edited)
    deleted531767's avatar
    Are these 'gratuities' used to fund underpaid staff so their company profits get a boost?

    I won't be funding this type of 'business'.
  6. getmore4less's avatar
    Also remember cruise people don't get fixated on the trivia like the itinerary titles they look at the ports visited and sea days to decide if they will be interested.

    Many are also aware of the suck them in port/city combinations like Le Havre (Paris) and don't fall for them.

    Also remember cruise people don't get fixated on the trivia like the itinerary titles they look at the ports visited and sea days to decide if they will be interested.

    Many are also aware of the suck them in port/city combinations like Le Havre (Paris) and don't fall for them. (edited)
    Attic45's avatar
    So fixated we’re you, you didn’t realise you said it twice!

  7. blahblahblah1234's avatar
    "For many, Le Havre is the gateway to Paris"
    Maybe Gare de Nord or CDG Airport would be better?
    Burgmeister's avatar
    Yeah but really difficult to get a cruise ship into either of those locations. I suppose they could try harder
  8. blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Itinerary includes stops in Ireland, Holland, Belgium and France, so not just British Isles. (edited)
    Arold's avatar
    Ireland (all of it) is part of the British Isles. The clue is in the name.
  9. deleted531767's avatar
    warriorscot's avatar
    It's a little rude to call Americans colonials.
  10. getmore4less's avatar
    Seascanner has a habit of mis naming cruise itinerary.
    NCL call this one

    British Isles: Ireland & Scotland.
  11. m1kehunt's avatar
    Balcony/Suite sold out..
  12. Phil_Stone's avatar
    What’s the best website to compare cruise deals if there is one?
    Arold's avatar
    Not really possible because cruise lines are so very different. Cruisecritic is a good place to start.
  13. Arold's avatar
    Port parking, gratuities, drinks, WiFi, excursions... (edited)
  14. Stooh's avatar
    Nice deal
    Your description itinerary spans Sept and Oct 24. I like Ireland but I don't have enough time off to spend a month in Dublin waiting for my Cruise home
  15. getmore4less's avatar
    Base price went up to £590pp for 2pax but solo went down to 0% sup

    Free at sea is 1/2 price 11n £100(deal ends today)
    that adds your drinks, a speciality meal + 150min internet and $50 of every shore excurtion.

    solo all inclusive is now £690 ( bargain)

    optional service £170.50

    No guilt cruise all in for £860 solo £80pn.

    Could easily do this cruise with zero on board spend and £55 for parking

    if you live a long way NCL may help with airfare to Southampton if you have that option.
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