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11 nts Orlando Florida Jun - 2 adults & 2 children - Rosen Inn + Rtn Flights Birmingham + 20kg bags = £1538 with code @ Holiday Hypermarket

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04/03 - Available again at this price
11 night June deal to Orlando Florida for a total of £1538, working out at £385 per person based on 2 adults and 2 children. Use code BLUE30 at checkout to get this price. Hotel is Rosen Inn on International Drive, with flights from Birmingham with departure date of 1st June to 12th June. Includes 11 nights accommodation in a double room, overseas coach transfers and direct return flights with 20kg checked baggage each and 10kg hand luggage. Average temp is 31+ degrees. ATOL protected.

4/5 Tripadvisor


With two swimming pools and a great bar-come-lounge, the Rosen Inn International Drive is the perfect place to relax when you’re not out exploring Orlando. The Rosen Inn International Drive used to be known as the Quality Inn International. It’s just a few minutes’ drive from Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando® Resort and SeaWorld® Orlando. The hotel runs a free shuttle bus to most of them. When you’re not enjoying the parks, you’ve got two pools to relax by. There’s a playground and a games room for children, too, plus a couple of food and drink options.


What's included

  • Double room
  • Overseas coach transfers
  • Lead price of 2 adults and 2 children = £1538 with code BLUE30
  • Direct return flights from Birmingham including 20kg checked baggage each and 10kg hand luggage each
  • Shuttle bus to the theme parks
  • Free parking
  • No Resort fees
  • Departure dates 1 June

Holiday Hypermarket More details at Holiday Hypermarket
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  1. noseley's avatar
    Any ideas how much breakfast, lunch & dinner pp is roughly in Orlando? Haven't been since 2008 where £1 was nearly $2
    joecool's avatar
    Hi, I have stayed here a few times. It’s an excellent base with bars and restaurants just over the road at pointe Orlando. The cost of eating out has definitely shot up as a guide a Big Mac medium meal is $9.19 and a subway tuna 6” is $7.69  both plus tax. All restaurants expect a 18 to 22% tip. Car hire last year was expensive so we used the i - trolley. I think it was $20 for a 14 day pass. I also recommend you look at the cost of car parking at the theme parks 😳. Trolley to universal hotels on I drive free universal bus to parks ✅. There’s an app for the trolley bus that tells you via GPS exactly where they are.
  2. abigsmurf's avatar
    It's really important to note that if you're looking at a Disney + Universal holiday for this, you're going to be paying £3400 on top of this for tickets and there is pretty much zero way to get that cost down by a significant amount. Doing just Disney will be ~£2080, Doing just universal will be ~£1320
    steveieboy1's avatar
    It feels like the tickets have gone up loads, in 2015 it was £281! Bring back the good old days…
  3. slucas540's avatar
    My wife and I stayed there in November on our honeymoon for same amount of nights. Quite a good hotel, windows in rooms don't open however. Room was cleaned every day and pleasant at reception. Food restuarants, supermarket and souvenir shops all located around the hotel.

    Close to Universal Studios, whereby they do a shuttle morn and eve, or its even just a 20 min walk. Disney is further and about 20 min drive and $15 each way.

    USA is obviously more expensive now to travel to from UK due to exchange rate and inflation, but my wife and I will go back again when have kids.
    hackboski's avatar
    Yeah totally. Gone are the good old days of several excursions to the US cos it was cheap.

    Went to nyc in november and it costafortunem
  4. silverGT's avatar
    How hard is it to apply for esta
    HauntedBat's avatar
    Super easy, go online (make sure to find the official US immigration page, don't get fooled by the fake websites), fill out the form with your details, pay $14pp and done. You usually get a confirmation its be successful within 24 - 72 hours.
    They're also valid for 2 years for other US trips.
  5. DJ8's avatar
    I did a hotel like this in Florida when the kids were young, back when I managed to redeem a load of Tesco points so was a bargain holiday. Never again, stuck in a small room with nowhere to go at night, didn't fancy doing a McCann and popping to the bar while the kids got an early night.
  6. joshua_andrews_1882's avatar
    Stayed there just before COVID hit, it’s alright, don’t expect anything special, the beds are comfy though. But it’s near a lot of stuff, it’s a good location.

    If anyone goes I recommend hiring a car going to swim with Manatees, it’s a bit of a drive but it’s amazing!! (edited)
    lego_images's avatar
    At the end of the day if you’re going there for the parks it’s just a place to rest your head.
    You’ll be out the room 7am-11pm
  7. MK91's avatar
    Surely children will still be in school during departure dates... not really that good of a deal
    James_Buckley24215's avatar
    It’s amazing how many cracking deals you can find to take your kids on holiday during term time.
  8. defgimp's avatar
    I don’t mind Melbourne international as an airport, it’s a bit like Sanford was years ago

    The 90 minutes+ after you’ve landed is

    Just makes it a very long day, especially if you’ve got little people with ya
    adambainzs's avatar
    Thats whats putting me off, Id rather spend the extra and fly into MCO with Virgin and get a uber to the hotel.
  9. defgimp's avatar
    Orlando is a nightmare if you’re at terminal 2 and baggage reclaim B

    Having said that, flew BA into MCO last November and was off the plane and through customs/immigration and all that in under 30 minutes, didn’t have to wait for a checked bag so was first in the queue and it was the new terminal 3
  10. Kimberley_Mcbride4's avatar
    Hi, any idea of the best/cheapest Disney world tickets? Do they do concessions for disabled or carers?? Thank you
    lisaostle's avatar
    Have a look at floridatix and no there's no concession. But remember before you pay any money out for America to do your Esta
  11. borat1234's avatar
    Anyone recommend a car rental service? Using holiday autos cheapest is £440.
    Big_Rik's avatar
    No need, Uber is way handier, and u can have a $12 beer
  12. borat1234's avatar
    $12 the average now
  13. S_Eff's avatar
    Stayed here 1st time I went to Orlando. Pretty decent location on International Drive but when we visited 2 years ago (staying at Disney) that part of International Drive seemed a bit shadier than when we previously visited 10 years prior. You can get to the parks with the iDrive Trolley to Sea World then bus to Disney and it is fairly easy. Was thinking about going back to Orlando this Summer but the prices over there are not cheap now and just too expensive once you factor in park tickets, food etc.
    abigsmurf's avatar
    Most of the touristy stuff on I-Drive didn't survive the last recession, let alone Covid. Lots of cool places disappeared and got replaced with dodgy strip malls and stores that were even worse than the ones they replaced.

    Also doesn't help that America is more expensive in general so all the outlet stores and malls closed when people stopped going to them.
  14. Oasisimad's avatar
    Flew into Melbourne last year. Absolute breeze. Wanted longer for luggage than customs. On our way to hotel in less than 30 mins of getting off the plane.
  15. volc's avatar
    This is FLORIDA USA. Not AUS
    Northerndave's avatar
    Melbourne airport is in Florida, on the East Coast and is the landing spot for Tui now
  16. Dealmessiah's avatar
    Quick question. I don't have children (they're grown up), can I still get this and not have children accompanying us?
    borat1234's avatar
    Just amemf the dearvh for x2 adults, the total price will be cheaper.
  17. Northerndave's avatar
    One thing to bear in mind, in June it will rain, not as bad as July or August, but it will rain, heavily and it's a humid as hell.

    I've stayed at this place, rooms are clean if not a little dark in appearance, good location for Pointe Orlando and a shuttle bus to Universal. Not too sure if I would fancy 11 days there, but each to their own
  18. HauntedBat's avatar
    Its a good price for sure but the flights and airport look like extra stress I wouldn't do. I love MCO due to the ease of it all after having been on a long flight. But you'll end up paying more £££ for this.

    Hotel seems fine, just your usual Florida motel type.

    Beware, theme park ticket prices are astronomical! But if you're saving on flights and hotel, then this should cover the cost of tickets. Hire car prices are also more than double pre-pandemic but I personally couldn't do Florida without a car.
  19. gtd65's avatar
    I was staying at the Hilton Homewood Suites just slightly further up I-4, a number of years back.
    Due to the proximity of Interstate 4 (I-4) I recommend asking for a room that doesn't face the highway.
    The racket the trucks made, over a construction joint, was hellish. (edited)
  20. DUSTYfruitBAT's avatar
    11 nights is no where near long enough for Orlando. Minimum 14 nights and even then you won't get everything done if you intend on visiting the parks
    steveieboy1's avatar
    I’ve been going for years and still haven’t seen it all. 7 nights is too short but 11 nights is fine. My preference is 2 weeks at the parks and a week on the west coast. However holiday allowances and budget come into play.
  21. Unsane's avatar
    I was having a quick gander at the google reviews and the usual mixed bag.

    One of the reviews includes 'Also, very odd to have microwave in the bathroom'.
  22. NolanJP's avatar
    Can anyone tell me if it can be changed from 2 adults to 3 adults?
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