110 Finish dishwasher tablet £8 @ Poundworld

110 Finish dishwasher tablet £8 @ Poundworld

Found 10th Dec 2016Made hot 10th Dec 2016
Finish dishwasher tab 110 for £8 works out at just over 7p each. Seen in Poundworld Dewsbury but should be nationwide


great price

very good price

Heat added for great price, but personally I can't stand these things, it might be my dishwasher, but the darn things never dissolve.

cold, not a pound.

They are in homebargains for 7. 99 for ages now.

I have used these in two different washers and both produce the same results. left over residue. sadly not as good as fairy.

I found the same- these left a fine dust across everything in my dishwasher and damaged the coating on pans.

Are they "classic"? Also cut them in half you won't notice the difference in results.

Also £8 at poundland
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