1100 Typhoo Teabags only £8.99 instore at B&M Retail

1100 Typhoo Teabags only £8.99 instore at B&M Retail

Found 23rd Jul 2009Made hot 24th Jul 2009
Nothing else to say really!


Thats a lot of tea:w00t:

What would you do for all the tea in B&M Retail ...

Sadly,My nearest store is not very near,but for some,a cracking deal.

i'd drive for that deal! less than 1p per cuppa?

keep 'em sealed!



Are they sealed in smaller packs, or just one large pack?

and if you really want to money save cut the teabags in half (make sure theres even amount of leaves in each half) Sew them back up you got twice as much tea

I bought these from Costco for £8 a while ago. The bags seem to have a small amount of dust in them, not tea ! I wouldn't bother buying these.

You definately don't get an Ooooh with Typhoo, horrible excuse for Tea!!

typhoo is crap tea,u better of buying the pg pyramids for 50p for 40 from asda

Typhoo has gone down hill in recent years.. I think they must be putting less tea in each bag or something.. a very weak cuppa

The Home Bargains in Aldridge was flogging off Saga tea (what the Poles drink) 50 bags in a resealable pouch for 19p. Can't possibly be weaker than Typoo.

Typhoo isn't bad, but you have to brew it for a looong time to get a good taste.. if not then you might as well drink dishwater. Still better than PG IMO though
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