12 330ml bottles corona beer £7.88 @ tesco

12 330ml bottles corona beer £7.88 @ tesco

Found 26th Sep 2015
Found this at a tesco petrol station near Maidstone, Kent. About half price as its reduced to clear as you can see in the photo!
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Which store I live nearby !
Still £12 at my local in Stalybridge. I bought some today.
Always see pallets of it at my local for £10 for 12, seems like they are always trying to sell it cheap
My local costcutter does this for £10, and 15 fosters for £9. Seems like they are entering the price match world.
I got 12 for £10 at Sainsburys yesterday on offer.
Crikey, I saw 12330 bottles for £7.88 before realising it's not. oO

Beer should be the last thing on my mind this morning, hic!
Which one in Maidstone ?
Esso/tesco petrol station in larkfield
Great price. Paid £1.50 at the corner shop the other day for one.
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