12 Bottles of Lucozade Sport for £1!!!!!
12 Bottles of Lucozade Sport  for £1!!!!!

12 Bottles of Lucozade Sport for £1!!!!!

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Stafford Home Bargains are selling 12 bottles of Lucozade Sport with Caffeine for £1. Fairly short best before date but I'm not complaining! Not sure if it's nationwide but I thought it was a pretty good deal!


i live in south london... nearest one to me is northampton!

there was a link last week to their site to get a pack delivered free to your home.

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yes but that's expired now, thought this was the next best thing :santa:

i got the 12 free onese delivered today,

just looking at it right now... dont look v. nice though

Just Opened And Just Tested.

Its Alright, Better Than It Look But It Not All That!

But Hey Its Free!

I got ti free too - taste horrible though

got mine too for free, doesnt taste that nice though, but its for free, so theres no problem


lol true

they have them in coventry homebargains or at least they did on friday when i last went in. busy place. the date is a general DEC 2007 but it'll last a while yet. its lemon flavoured with added caffeine and just tastes of still lemonade. they had some nescafe instant granuales at about 1/2 price as well.

Advise to drink it ice cold! tastes better after a workout!!

Also seen these in Kettering & Boston Home Bargains.

This stuff makes me bounce off the walls...it's extremely sweet tasting and gives you a massive energy boost (and a bad headache in my case) Only drink this stuff if you need an instant energy kick.
Not recommended for kids!!

I also got them free, not too bad but definately not Lucozade's best branded drink although does a great job at keeping me awake lol

They was at my Home Bargains last time I went - Which was Wednesday lol, in Oldham. Not sure if they got any instock now.

I got my free bottles 2 days ago... Admittedly it was for myself rather than my 'club' - just to try them, and I absolutely love them! Very easy to drink and has a really nice flavour - not at all overpowering like Lucozade's other one (the orange flavoured version of this, basically...)

Anyway, super hot deal... such a pity theres none in Scotland though :-( Would have got 10 cases.

My 4x12 boxes have all arrived at their destinations...great post...thank you very much indeed :santa:.

so sorry...wrong thread...i got mine for free.

thanks op!!!!

non up here aberdeen but tried it before and I thought it was minging.....

each to your own.... and if its for free worth a try to see if u like it

They're also 12p each if you don't fancy buying 12!

YUK big big capitals . i had to try it though. queue was big any way got 2 paks .. gonna feed the kids with it lol

i got the free ones this fine morn too!!

Got my free ones today, I think they taste great, but about an hour after drinking I feel a bit 'weird'. Im not sporty enough for them!

i got my free ones today aswell taste fine to me and actually making my feel better as i was violently sick all morning, dam JD lol , but more surprising was 12 free and delivered by parcel foce 48 to Northern Ireland, musta cost em a bit even the driver new what it was as he got himself them aswell and had delivered around 40 of them locally today lol.

My freebies arrived today too. Been drinking them all day...............I'm a bit hyper.:-D

picked up 2 packs from home bargains Coventry

Came up as 2 for £1.80 i.e 7.5p each!! BARGAIN !!:thumbsup:


Still waiting for either of my two freebies. Saw this offer in HB's last week but had too many bags full of Xmas shopping with me to pick another crate up.

Btw. I think it's 10p a bottle not 12p, of course you save 20p by buying a crate of 12 though.

Got my 2 delivered today..not tasted it yet...gonna save it for the day after Boxing Day when I get back to the gym...there'll be no stopping me....:w00t::roll::w00t::whistling:
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