12 bottles of M&S Spanish red wine for £26 (with codes)

12 bottles of M&S Spanish red wine for £26 (with codes)

Found 27th Sep 2009
Raso de la Cruz Tempranillo Cabernet 2008 - Case of 12
A deeply coloured, fragrant red with flavours of morello cherry, crushed black pepper and wild Mediterranean herbs.

Codes WEBS2627 for 10% off and FREEDL40 for free delivery both worked today.

Good luck - no idea what it's like!


Excellent buy have ordered 2 Thanks, both codes worked

Don't forget Cashback. Topcashback is 5%.

A* mate. £2.19 a bottle!!

usual price £5.40 a bottle.

Looks like a nice wine as well.

thats me sorted hic hic

Great find thank-you!

out of stock now.

Now unavailable!

No Stock

Original Poster

Plenty of others - codes still apply. Hic...

got a 12 bottle case of Vina Ulmo Cabarnet Sauvignon for ~ £32.32 with your codes.
very nice, thankyou..

Thanks op,just ordered a dozen bottles of good stuff for less than £3 a go.
Have some rep

Thanks Op,
Yesterday's M & S email said there's 25% off all wine and champagne until 27th September (better hurry before midnight and see what's left).

Charlie Brown

Have some Heat & Rep :thumbsup:


Did any of you receive the 12 bottles you ordered ? I got only 6 bottles and when contacted the customer support, I was told that there was some confusion about the cases etc.

I need to hear from those who received their's


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I only got 6 as well.

Emailed CS and they refunded me the whole order.

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