12 Duracell Ultra AA Batteries £6 @ Tesco instore

12 Duracell Ultra AA Batteries £6 @ Tesco instore

LocalFound 17th Dec 2014
Get a 12 pack of Duracell Ultra AA batteries for not £12 but 50% off at only £6.

These batteries are quite good.

Local Tesco Bromley by Bow.
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nice find
I keep getting £2 off batteries with my receipts as well so can get these for £4 thanks OP!
There £3-45 for 8 in semi-chem, so 16 for £6:90 which is a better deal
Some branches of B+Q were/(maybe still)are doing Varta AA alkalines, 2 boxes of 20 for £9.00.

These are easily as good.
Duracell Ultra are not as good as you think they are. Check out this battery showdown.
Pound for pound, the Duracell Ultras costs more than any other battery tested (cost per Ah)!
The best performing batteries, overall, would be IKEA's own brand (Alkalisk), which are the cheapest (cost per Ah) and also produce nearly as much "charge" (mAh) as the top-of-the-range lithium bateries and at £1.50 for a 10 pack are a steal!
2*8 Duracell AA/AAA packs for £6 in Asda
£3 in poundland x
£3 for 12 in poundland but you have to spend £3 to get 1 pack fo £3 but you can buy more but you have to keep spending £3 per pack
£3 for 8 Duracell plus in Superdrug. hotukdeals.com/dea…661
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Ultra sound cooler than Plus.
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