12 Festive Doughnuts @ Tesco £2

12 Festive Doughnuts @ Tesco £2

Found 19th Dec 2016Made hot 19th Dec 2016
12 Festive ring doughnuts £2


good find op, heat added

Is it really a deal though? Donuts are 6 for £1 as standard, they've just got extra sprinkles on these ones!

*Caution* - May contain some traces of me
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Good deal! Just try not to eat them all in one day.

Got some rtc for a quid the other week and they kept nicely in an airtight container for 3 days, so don't worry about eating them all on the day (unless you want to!). Lovely with a cuppa btw:)

Can be used to stop furniture marking your carpets if they get a little stale....better than a brick

ooooh nice

I love doughnuts like crazy wow yum yum
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