12 Free Science in Sport (SiS) Gels

12 Free Science in Sport (SiS) Gels

Found 24th Mar 2016
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SiS GO Isotonic Gel 60ml - 6 Pack Blackcurrant
SiS GO Energy + Caffeine Gel 60ml - 6 Pack Berry

Enter your email address on the form via deal URL and then you get a confirmation email stating a code will be sent within next 10 working days to claim your free gels.
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Where ?
Worked for me thanks .. Heat added
can't see how
Now if only these 'gels' used bio degradable packaging, so when they are scattered along the roadside after events blowing into the fields around they have a hope of not still being there in 1000 years time....
Not free. Cost £3.99 P&P or spend £10 on other products to get free P&P
I love long distance running. I do alot of half marathon and a few marathons so energy gels will come in handy
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