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Posted 30 September 2022

12 Issues of the Radio Times including Christmas for £1 at Buy Subscriptions

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Same as last year you can get 12 issues of the Radio Times for £1 - just remember to cancel your subscription! I did this last year and have been able to do this again this year.

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Why just watch TV or listen to the radio when you can delve deeper into the stories, documentaries, dramas, latest entertainment news and sporting events by subscribing to Britain's best-selling broadcasting magazine?

As well as essential daily guides to the best TV, film and radio, you will get exclusive behind-the-scenes with our best-known actors, TV personalities and presenters. Whether it's discovering what's happening in your favourite dramas, finding out which much-loved TV shows are returning, or looking into the creative minds behind the programmes, each issue provides over 150 information-packed pages to enhance your weekly viewing experience.

Take a look at our new streaming section, which includes expert recommendations of the best shows and boxsets to watch on BBC iPlayer, All 4, Netflix, Now TV and Britbox. The streaming section also includes a comprehensive film guide on the latest movies available to stream, plus helpful 'how to' advice which gives you useful information on each streaming platform.

We also look at the big screen with regular film reviews from the Radio Times' film team, plus our red-carpet reports put you in the thick of the action, whether it's a star-studded premiere or the latest awards ceremony. The written word comes under the spotlight too, as the RT Book Club looks at what's new in the publishing world. Regular features on gardening, travel and money also provide extra inspiration for our readers.

A Radio Times Magazine subscription is a sure way of making the most of what the very best in TV, film, and radio has to offer.

Cancellation Policy

We hope you love receiving your magazine subscription as much as we enjoy creating it. You are never tied in to a subscription – you can cancel at any time.

If you pay by direct debit or other continuous payment and wish to cancel your subscription you can do so easily online using our subscription cancellation service. If you do not pay by direct debit, please contact our helpful customer service team on 03330 162 139.

For more information about subscriptions and our cancellation policy please read our terms and conditions.

Gift Subscription

Radio Times Magazine Gift SubscriptionIt's the TV-lovers gift that keeps on giving.

Your gift subscription of Radio Times will be delivered direct to their door, so you know they will continue enjoying your gift with no fuss.

Ordering online couldn't be easier – click 'Buy Now' above and during our checkout all you have to do is:

  • Select to deliver to a different address and enter your recipient's details
  • Choose the start date of their subscription – to ensure their first issue arrives after any special occasions
  • Set up a BuySubscriptions account so you can manage your gift subscription online and easily renew it over and over again to ensure your family member or friend never miss an issue

Help & Information

Buy Subscriptions More details at Buy Subscriptions
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  1. Avatar
    yep, £52 for me following normal link, this one worked, thank you
  2. Avatar
    Don't forget guys it's 12 issues not 12 months.. I got charged last time about £40 but they refunded me most of it tbf when I got onto customer services..
  3. Avatar
    Or free online from your local library via the Libby app on Google play store. All you need is a library card and PIN, your local library will sort this.
    why pay a £1, risk auto renewal and give away your personal data. Radio times totally free online (edited)
    Can you circle with a digital pen the shows you want to watch? Doing that, or using a highlighter, is the best bit about a physical copy of the Radio Times
  4. Avatar
    stopped watching tv amazing how much it saves on the lecky bill, all the times i used to have it on in the background, so if your not watching it turn it off
  5. Avatar
    £52, not £1 ??
    There are two links below that should work, if not apply promo code RTB21AEB3
  6. Avatar
    Re the postage for £52, I think it’s the way phones display the lines- tilt you phone to landscape and the £52 is on the total savings line. Postage is zero
    Good spot! Portrait says Delivery total £51.47. Saving Total £0.00. Landscape = Delivery £0.00. Saving Total £51.47.
  7. Avatar
    I've tried this for the past 2 years and chose the closest date to Christmas to start. Both occasions I never received anything as my DD got "lost in their system" and they wanted to charge the full price. Heat for the offer tho
    Same, I managed to do it twice, as I recall, but this time they must have cottoned on, said I am welcome to take out the 29 squids offer.
  8. Avatar
    Can’t see a £1 deal ….
    I've just checked the link and it takes me straight through to a page to get 12 issues for £1 on the print edition.
  9. Avatar
    Thanks for link worked for me
  10. Avatar
    I used to work for a magazine bureau that would handle radio times subscriptions and they'd offer this type of deal all the time to try to lock people into DD payments. Just make sure to cancel. We had so many people ringing in complaining because their subscription auto renewed.
  11. Avatar
    Well it all seemed to go through OK but when I'm logged in it says there's no subscription no £1 has come out my bank either.. I have had this deal a couple of years ago but I've used different emails and bank details! .. Can anyone help please? Tia

    48332692_1.jpg (edited)
    Contact customer services - most likely they will reply that your address has had too many trials. Had the same myself but tried again a year later and was accepted.
  12. Avatar
    When should I cancel it b4 fully charged renewals (once 12th issue will be delivered)?
    I always cancel direct debit after the £1 has been taken. Still get all copies.
  13. Avatar
    No mention of £1 offer on that link??

    EXPIRED (edited)
  14. Avatar
    Can you cancel the DD as soon as it’s taken and still receive all issues?

    For those of you seeing £52, like I did, search for “Radio Times £1 offer” in Google and you’ll see it
    I believe so. In fact, I'm pretty sure you can phone and cancel the sub after first edition delivered, and still get the remaining 11. That's certainly the way annual subs seem to work.
  15. Avatar
    Finally had my subscription number emailed this morning so could log in and cancel the subscription- fingers crossed the 12 arrive!
    I've had mine through this morning too despite having a subscription at this same address a couple of years ago.. I think with this subscription you can't cancel straight away or you won't receive any copies.. Could you let me know how you get on please? When is your first issue coming?
  16. Avatar
    If you cancel before the £1 payment, it's unlikely you'll receive any issues.
  17. Avatar
    I cancelled a few years back after a couple of issues - they stopped sending any further issues out after that. Cancelling just before the 12th issue is going to be really near the knuckle, it may be too late to stop the next DD, plus it’s Christmas week.
  18. Avatar
    Can you cancel straight away and still receive paid for copy’s or do you have to wait until last issue?

    Thanks in advance
  19. Avatar
    Happened to me where the delivery is showing as 51.47 and I have just contacted them and they said that I would need to wait 24 hours for the order to appear on the system before they can look at it. Not great first impressions.

    EDIT: it was my phone so no issue. Great deal! (edited)
    Tilt your phone, £51.47 is on the total savings line
  20. Avatar
    Make sure you check your confirmation email. I was set up on the £52 subscription. Had to phone their customer services to get it sorted which they did no problem.
    Yes, mine has just done that!grrr
  21. Avatar
    I’ve done this a fair few years but rarely end up actually reading them sadly, think I’ll save the recycling this year.
  22. Avatar
    Good deal if people are really struggling, but the radio times has been the start of my Xmas since I was about 7 years old.
    If it didn't make money it wouldn't exist, and I'd find that quite sad.
  23. Avatar
  24. Avatar
    It's showing as £52 for me
    same, very odd
  25. Avatar
    Still waiting for next week's copy which usually arrives Tuesday. problems with strikes at PO.
  26. Avatar
    Can you still cancel straight away and still recieve the 12 magazines for the £1?
    Anyone can answer when should I cancel b4 fully charged renewals?
  27. Avatar
    Can h cancel immediately after order and still receive all issues
    Im wondering this too, not sure when to cancel.
  28. Avatar
    Thank you for posting
  29. Avatar
    I did this offer a few years back.. they came on time..after the first few weeks I stopped opening the wrapper… I just don’t watch a lot of terrestrial tv and if I missed something, the catch up services work fine,
    still a very good deal if you need a physical TV guide.
  30. Avatar
    Orderd thank you
  31. Avatar
    Ideal for people living decades ago.
  32. Avatar
    Thanks for posting-ordered.
  33. Avatar
  34. Avatar
    48338519-FCXSO.jpgLooks like they cancelling orders. I placed an order yesterday and got this email this morning. It was a year ago I last had a subscription.
  35. Avatar
    Have subscribed to this deal previously. I only did so for the Christmas edition. We were going away and I forgot to take it with us so ended up buying (again) at face value!
  36. Avatar
    Many thanks for posting.
  37. Avatar
    Ordered for the £1 quoted thanks op
  38. Avatar
    Cheers, 5th year running I think
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