12 Kodak AAA Batteries - £1
12 Kodak AAA Batteries - £1

12 Kodak AAA Batteries - £1

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These have been in for a while & I stocked up for my child monitor, not seen it posted which suprises me as I think its a great bargain!

12 pack of Kodak AAA for £1 - I also got some 15 packs as well but they sell out VERY quickly!

Also sell they 8 x Sony/Panasonic AA's which is reasonable.

Appreciate that Kodak aren't quite as good as Energizer however considering you get 36 for the same price as about 16 energizers ( hotukdeals.com/ite…3-0 ) overall this would be a better deal!


the Kodak ones are rubbish IMHO. They are often too weak to power up many electronic items & last absolutely no time at all. Stick to alkalines.

Not a good deal if not alkaline.

These are not that good, they don't power up the babies toys that long

The kodak batteries are good enough for remotes and other low power consumption products...

the sony's - if they are the silver ones in the purple pack - are tragic though...

hot on the posted deal from me...

get rechargeable please! Stop filling up the land.

Put a pair in the camera, flat within 6 shots (or so)

Original Poster

Who uses non-rechargables in any camera nowadays?

Agree with the above, these are very poor - lasted 1 week in electric toothbrush. Duracell still going well after 2 months.

Great value for low consumption items, voted hot. :thumbsup:

Not rechareable - COLD


Not rechareable - COLD

Have to agree, I've been buying the hybrio rechargers and slowly replacing all the batterys as they run out. 1 rechargable replaces 1,000 batterys ;-)

Seems weird how all comments are negative but is at 100 degrees?!

Only buy if you plan on using in a remote, other than that DONT buy,

Also stay away from poundshop super glue, 12 for a £1. It looks a good deal but its not, the tube is full or air with a tiny tiny bit of glue!!!
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