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12 Krispy Kreme doughnuts for £12 - Wednesday 1st Mar Only @ Krispy Kreme

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Enjoy 12 doughnuts for just £12 – that’s £1 a doughnut!
Unbox joy this March with our Wondoughful Wednesday offer, and save up to 35% on a Dozen of doughnuts. The perfect sweet treat to be shared with friends, families, and work colleagues.
Just visit your local Krispy Kreme shop and let a member of our team know you’re here for the Wondoughful Wednesday offer.
Krispy Kreme More details at Krispy Kreme
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  1. Roystrainset's avatar
    'Enjoy 12 doughnuts for just £12 – that’s £1 a doughnut!' No S***!
  2. Zameen's avatar
    Is it a fixed box or can you choose, would be good to know which ones are included
    Lukashov's avatar
    Original Glazed, Sharer and choose your own dozen
  3. scrounger's avatar
    There goes my diet... Heat
    purplebottle's avatar
    a quarter doughnut a day, and you'll feel no regrets lol
  4. Shopaholic313's avatar
    Worth checking if you have 10% cashback with American Express as I’ve got it in my card
    FenderHenriques's avatar
    Thanks for the heads..its 15% cashback upto £5!
  5. AF1_Supra's avatar
    "Only £12"
  6. strong1's avatar
    £12 for 12 donuts is expensive. But then im not the target market as I wouldn't buy this. Seriously though
    LoveChristmas38's avatar
    Yeah they are just the glazed ones- nothing fancy about these. However, if they were the proper fancy ones with stuff inside etc I think I would be purchasing them…. Think I’ll leave it though.x 🍩 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩
  7. iamqwerty123's avatar
    How long do these last? It would take me at least 4 days to finish this offer assuming I eat 1 doughnut with every meal every day.
    scrounger's avatar
    Usually about 30 min... For me anyway 😁
  8. monkeytrousersbb's avatar
    It can't be a Krispy Kreme deal unless there's people proudly and unnecessarily announcing that they'd never pay more than 10pence for a donut
    AC-ZEP-GEN-DC's avatar
    May I be the first to proudly announce that I'd never pay more than 10p for a donut!

    But I might for a doughnut .......
  9. demondoguk_'s avatar
    Never paid over £10 for these.
    The__Godfather's avatar
    Was that back in 2018?
  10. Lacura's avatar
    But, the cost of living crisis???
    iamqwerty123's avatar
    Is for peasants. Are you a peasant? (edited)
  11. DDP_DDP's avatar
    As far as doughnuts go these are by far the best quality ones !
    Or you can have 5 messy supermarket own doughnuts deep fried and covered in sugar…

    The Cost of living crisis only applies to bills or things no one wants to pay out for..
    Mobile phones/alcohol and cigarettes & doughnuts are a necessity and don’t count
    no one will be giving those things up.. (edited)
    Shak5's avatar
    These are deep fried and covered in icing sugar and messy as well tbf
  12. redCabbage4's avatar
    I would rather pay full price than say I am here for Wondoughful Wednesday. (edited)
  13. thewindburner's avatar
    I mean its March now right!, the New Years Resolution is official expired, I'm totally allowed these....
  14. Dude1971's avatar
    Picked mine up - no need for the code ;-)

    Guy infront of me wanted 4 and was charged over £8, they offered him a dozen for less than £4 extra but he said no - I'm all about ignoring upselling but my heart broke when he said no...if I had £4 in coins in my pocket I would have paid for it and given him two as a treat!
  15. cool.ashish.s's avatar
    Can we get this offer from Krispy Kreme kiosk inside Asda/Morrisons or it need to be ordered from official Krispy Kreme shops
    jordan_smithy's avatar
    This is exactly what I am thinking. Have a Tesco near me can I just go there.
  16. balvi's avatar
    this is a good deal as a treat once in a blue moon, why not get something more fancy and pay £1 instead £3 per one
  17. Joshimitsu91's avatar
    Where have you found details of this offer?
  18. eddibabyyeah's avatar
    cheaper by the dozen
  19. millarcat's avatar
    Good offer!! Wish I had a Krispy Kreme nearby
  20. Brabus_Duddy's avatar
    Have some heat!!
  21. kmirza's avatar
  22. kimbern's avatar
    I remember when they were £10 not that long ago
    SleazyRaja's avatar
    Krispy Kreme did a similar promotion last year but that was for 24 Doughnuts (Dozen Original Glazed 🍩 + Another Dozen of your Choice) delivered for £15
  23. bushmaster80's avatar
    Do Americans use ‘dough’ or ‘do’ to make these?
    Mooney_70's avatar
    I suspect it's d'oh!
  24. Late's avatar

    Goddamnit, now I want some KrispyKreme doughnuts but I'll have to pay full whack at the supermarket
    Hiroki's avatar
    Well it will be more enjoyable than being in Eldon Square.

    But if you do go there be nice as one of my kids works there and puts up with some right 🔔🔚 customers.
  25. speediemc's avatar
    Don’t forget 10% off if you have a blue light card
  26. austinc's avatar
    This place, Greggs and the big name coffee shops will never get my custom. Prices are pathetic
  27. DealsIUsed's avatar
    NGL, at a quid a doughnut, they’re pricing themselves out of the market…

    I remember when it used to be significantly cheaper than this and, yes I know about inflation but my wage slip hasn’t kept up with it!
    Frugalstudent's avatar
    Right?? A few years ago this was pretty much the standard price. The pound is useless now.
  28. MarcoSymondi's avatar
    Good deal
  29. futura's avatar
    Can't find anything about this on the website
    Saif_Anwar's avatar
    Check on Instagram its legit and went this morning and now I have a stomach ache from eating too many
  30. Asfand_Yar's avatar
    Those who complaining should go to Greggs and appreciate this
    Grazz0r's avatar
    I did, I enjoyed a sugar strand pink icing donut from there today actually!
  31. oranjuice's avatar
    Perfect timing whilst kids have the day off. Though not sure I'd want to share all 12 evenly
  32. jordan_smithy's avatar
    Will this be available at the Liverpool Street stool in London? Is that classed as a branch?
  33. Greatgamesby's avatar
    I love krispy but I recently tried the Lidl hazelnut donuts and they were really good. Soft and a tasty filling for 69p per donut.
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