12 Maxtra filters + Jug at Sainsbury's for £33

12 Maxtra filters + Jug at Sainsbury's for £33

Found 10th Aug 2017
Been looking for some Maxtra filters for a few months, but as my stockpile was down to the last one, I had to buy some.
No deals were about, but since I'd a £16 off £80 voucher from Sainsbury and no shopping is needed this week (another voucher from Tesco) so I thought I would buy some from Sainsbury and use the voucher instead.
On shelf it said £50 for a jug and 12 filters (not strictly a deal but with the voucher is ok), on till, the total come to less than I thought so I queried it at customer service and the lady said the filter pack is £33, and it was the last one as it was discontinued.
May not be nationwide, but worth a look if you are in Sainsburys.
PS Winchester is out of stock.
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