12 megapixel camera, 2GB card and case for £60 @ Misco
12 megapixel camera, 2GB card and case for £60 @ Misco

12 megapixel camera, 2GB card and case for £60 @ Misco

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Sanyo VPC-X1220 black digital camera
Case Logic Nylon Camera Case
2GB SD memory card.


Reviewed here in German, dcviews.com/_sa…htm , translation by Google

The 20 mm thin, 114 grams, the Sanyo VPC-X1220 will facilitate the entry into digital photography, designed so accessible and enjoyable as possible: At a price of 120 € is the first hurdle, the purchase, take a relatively easy. Immediately after turning in a friendly female voice welcomed in the English language with the information, in which mode the camera just works and whether it stores the images on SD card or internal memory. After pressing the left button of the Vierrichtungsrads's the instruction: "Press the shutter button halfway, to get the focus." The recording menu is divided into two clear sides, the records speak for themselves. About the "scene" button you get to the scene modes, such as the Smile, which the X1220 can find the signature "Smiling face contact and" declared support - Sanyo beginners, where they can.

Compared to about 30 € more expensive the equipment of the VPC-X1420 X1220 looks quite spectacular: instead of wide-angle 4x Zoom-X1220 has a 3x zoom with 35-105 mm equivalent to KB, and at the half, 3-inch sensor are not 14 but under 12 megapixels. Videos X1220 takes place in HD resolution with a maximum of 640 x 480 pixels at 30 fps on, accordingly, they waived the 16:9 screen and is satisfied with a smaller 2.7-inch display. In addition, the memory card slot supports SD and SDHC only, not as in the X1420 also SDXC. In terms of setting the two Sanyo Compact are very similar. Both allow manual focusing, sharpness, contrast and color saturation can not directly influence the other hand.

Thanks to relatively smaller zoom levels, the photographer compose the picture set relatively accurately. The auto focus is provided in the test some mistakes and worked slower than the X1420 counterpart: the average shutter lag was 1.13 s and 1.24 s in the wide-angle telephoto - too long for snapshots.

Image quality: In the Laboratory, the X1220 does not quite keep up with the X1420. It solves 905-1141 to LP / BH at ISO 100 not as high, at wide angle, they recorded more (1.6 percent), and by in-camera image editing are more fine details lost (kurtosis 1.9 / 1.6 to ISO 100/400). Here, too, on a large-area color, from ISO 400 is a visible luminance noise. Good: the dynamic range of 8 to 9.5 stops. In contrast to the X1420, which raises the color saturation significantly, keeps the X1220 back in the colors, the images seem a bit dull.

Conclusion: The easy, beginner-Sanyo VPC-X1220 will cost 30 € less than the VPC-X1420. This argument is cutting back on equipment and needed much longer to focus and release.

You can get a decent brand, 14MP Camera for that price. Canon/Olympus/Sony Ect.

Poor camera at any price.
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