12 month contract £66 1000mins 5000txt 3GB @ TalkTalk

12 month contract £66 1000mins 5000txt 3GB @ TalkTalk

Found 5th May 2016
Sim free mobile deal.
I was going for a Life Mobile deal and was put through to customer retention to get my PAC code. I stated I wanted the cheapest deal possible and mentioned the cheaper Life Mobile deal.
I was told that TalkTalk mobile would beat the deal and was offered this:
1000 minutes, 5000 texts and 3GB of data for £5.50 a month on a 12 no the contract. No other obvious bells and whistles (roaming or 4G) but I was very happy with this.
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talktalk customers only and a retention deal to boot, cold!!!!!

talktalk customers only and a retention deal to boot, cold!!!!!

Not for me means cold - great way to think!

OP I would say that this was always going to be at risk of being iced (because of limited availability), but had the title been clearer, mentioning "TalkTalk retention deal" in the first few words, some like the poster above may have jogged on by, rather than spending time stopping by to read the deal & thus voting cold. Have a look at the people who voted hot in your activity as that will give you a true measure of how worthwhile it was posting - you could have helped some people.
This IS a good retention deal for TalkTalk customers.
The TalkMobile (not to be confused with TalkTalk!) deal for £10pm with £47.25 TCB (£120 - £47.25 = 72.75 so £6.60 pm) is available to all & offers 3,000 minutes, 5,000 texts + 2GB data. Again, 3G & no bells & whistles
Have to vote cold I'm afraid-TalkTalk voluntarily upped my data to be the same as this and I still pay £3.75 a month
It needs to say it's a retentions deal in the title as it's not available to everybody
This was the standard deal last in march i think.
As i now have 3 sims on it now.
One of the only good things talktalk do if vodafone network is good for you.
they switch to o2 shortly
I got this free (actually I made a profit) when Quidco had a huge cashback offer.
Always wait for a Quidco or Topcashback offer and then buy.
TalkTalk also allow an internal port, so there is no point in retention deals.
Leave and buy a new sim.

Sims are always effectively free. 5 sims per account.
Sorry for not making retention clear. I'm not otherwise a TalkTalk account holder (I used to be). They did also offer me other sims with this deal. The quidco deal sounds great. It was just so much better than the deal I had with them before, or indeed than the iD or Life Mobile deals I have been researching, that I thought someone else might benefit.
This is a great deal regardless, I got the offer when it was out in March as am currently coming to an end on my EE sim.
Not a clue why anyone voted cold other than because it's for existing customers only.

Also looking forward to them going over to O2!
avoid Talktalk, any company that happily charges their customers near £400 when their kids exceed the allowances by mere minutes is not one I'd ever trust again, they deserve to go down heavily
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