12 month free (via cashback) returns to E2save.
12 month free (via cashback) returns to E2save.

12 month free (via cashback) returns to E2save.

This may be an error as it was only two weeks ago they announced they were no longer doing the free offers. Also - while the links for the first two on their site work - the links for the latter two dont.

They phones also dont always appear - but have been appearing and disappearing for the last 28 hours roughly. So if its not there - try later. Or I will add a definitive link to each after posting this.

All offers are showing as 12 months free, with 200 mins and 200 texts, although the phones are at the two cans and a bit of string end of the market.

These links are working from the page linking from here.

FREE Nokia 6300
FREE Sony Ericsson W200i Black
12 Months FREE
by redemption
200 mins & 200 texts

These ones are shown - but the links wont open.

FREE Samsung D840 Clearance
FREE Samsung E900 Clearance

12 Months FREE
by redemption
200 mins & 200 texts

It could be an error - or it could be a reintroduction of 100% cashback from E2save.


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Nokia 6300



SE W200



The other two links although not appearing on the offers page are not opening at the actual offer page.

And how do you buy them? Cant see how to?

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I put the links for the two phones with the working links in the first post after the main one as you can only include one working link from the main post.

So click on the links in the first post beside the pictures of the phones and it should let you buy.

I clicked the link but it wont let me buy the 6300

and no link the the w200i

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You read the second post as i was still creating it. :-D

It worked earlier going through to the buying stage - but it is not doing it currently.

Also the main links are also only working some times too - but its been doing this since 5.00PM on Friday.

Try later is the best I can say - I am waiting to see if more appear as I was hoping the previously withdrawn offers would return too.

I can only guess they are working on the site - but taking their time.

hi as an exsting e2save customer every month i get an email of 12 month free contracts, here is the link from that email, never used it so not sure if all works

works from my email but doesnt work from here, it does say exclusive to me in the email sorry

I think they have tried to stop the (questionable) profit via quidco situation by making the deals referrer specific (either e2save referrer or no referrer).

i am looking for a nokia 6300 any good cheap deals on pay as you go not more than 50

I am an existing customer of e2save, have been for some time now. I too get these 12mth free emails offering upto 7 phones on 12month FREE contracts. I've gone through Quidco and got £36.50 for 2 contracts purchased this year.
These deals are also available on their website usually around 1st-4th and 16th-19th of each month - just before each new billing period of the Carphone Warehouse co-incidentally......

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Apologies for my post - I could not get it to do it at all today.
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