Unfortunately, this deal has expired 2 July 2023.
Posted 26 June 2023

12 Month Subscription of Fender Play - £17.40 @ Fender (New & Lapsed Members)

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So this has been on as an offer for ages, although the code is seemingly no longer working (I've tested a few times)

However, there is a work around for it, which is really simple and actually uses the same code (9jt29gc8f), but applies it automatically for you, allowing the same discount to be had yet again It's basically adding "?promocode=9jt29gc8f&plan=play_web_allaccess_12mo" into a checkout link

How to get this price (It's super easy)
  • First either create an account or log in to a lapsed account (Where your previous sub has now expired)
  • Then come back here and click THIS LINK while still logged in.
  • Check the price is £17.40 (At the top it might have it in dollars, but if you click the little arrow on the right, opposite "Summary" it should drop down and show you £17.4

IMPORTANT - Make sure auto renewal is off by the time it comes to the end of your 12 months, to avoid a full price 12 month sub


What is Fender Play?
Fender Play is a guided online learning program with bite-sized lessons for beginner and intermediate players. With thousands of instructional videos and hands-on exercises, Fender Play provides a learning path based on your goals and musical preferences. The curriculum is designed so that after a few short lessons you’ll be able to play something new, whether it's a skill, a recognizable riff or a full song.

Fender Play incorporates top-quality, 4K multi-camera video production with split-screen and an over-the-shoulder angles to provide a unique and valuable perspective for learning. Features like Practice Mode and Feedback Mode allow you to play along with backing tracks and even get real time feedback on your progress.

Is Fender Play only for Beginners?
Fender Play has a comprehensive curriculum that will give beginners and intermediate players something new to learn. Whether you've never played before, need to fill in some gaps or if you're ready for some new challenges, Fender Play has something to offer.

For guitar lessons:
All you need is a guitar and a pick. A strap may be helpful for holding the guitar. If you have an electric guitar and own an amp, we also include lessons on how to incorporate different tones into your sound.

For ukulele lessons:
You’ll just need a Soprano, Concert or Tenor Ukulele in G-C-E-A tuning. Ukuleles with high or low G strings will both work great for Play lessons!

For bass lessons:
You'll need a bass guitar and an amplifier or an acoustic bass guitar. A strap may be helpful for holding the bass.

How long are the lessons?
  • Song lessons: 8-10 min
  • Skills & Exercises: 2-5 min
  • Riffs: 3-5min
  • Chords: 1-3 min

What devices can I use to access Fender Play?
The Fender Play website can be accessed from a computer or your mobile device.

The Fender Play app is available on iPhones or Android devices and available for download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

  • Click here for steps to link your iOS device to an Apple TV.
  • Click here for steps to Chromecast Fender Play to your TV.

Useful Links

Fender More details at
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  1. jasmith85's avatar
    Has anyone actually used this on here, I'm tempted but I've subscribed to just video tutorials like Music is Win and it just didn't work.
    I did like Bernth lesson as they came with Guitar Pro files which are great to use.

    I'm an intermediate guitarist looking to push my guitar skills to the next level, anything below level 5 is a waste of time.

    Thank you purchased it.

    Additional note: I turned off Auto Renewal as I don't want £178 being taken from my account next year, turning off Auto-Renewal and the system instantly cancelled the entire 12 month subscription leaving me with 1 month remaining on my account. Contacted Fender and awaiting my response. (edited)
    dj_stephenson's avatar
    I've Used fender play for a couple of years now and think it's great. I'd spent years using various online resources and non of them seemed as easy to follow or as structured as this.
    You literally choose your preferred guitar style. i.e rock, country, acoustic and off you go. You just follow each lesson one by one and before you know it you'll be playing.
    Like anything you need to put in the time daily. 20 minutes or so is perfect if you are able to keep up with it daily.
  2. scottrawlinson's avatar
    Just done it, great price for a year's sub :-) Thanks
    zibi-k's avatar
    Your welcome
  3. gabesdad's avatar
    Keep thinking about this as wanted to learn for years. Can’t be too bad for this amount.
  4. SimyJo's avatar
    I took this out last time it was advertised and definitely worth it.
    £178 of Fender Play lessons for £17.40 = a no-brainer.
  5. RobZzzzzz's avatar
    I've been using it for a few months now and get a lot out of it. The lessons are really high quality and engaging. One thing I like, that you can't get from youtube tutorials is the feedback mode. It listens as you play along to the track and gives you a score for accuracy. Found this really useful and certainly worth the reduced price.
    jasmith85's avatar
    Isn't that just like Rocksmith then?
  6. slimy31's avatar
    Don't mind if I do, thanks!
  7. DonLeo17's avatar
    if i cancel the auto-renewal now does it cancel the whole sub?
    scottrawlinson's avatar
    Yeah mine did, i've logged a ticket with them. Think i should of waited until my free 2 week trial was up.
  8. FluffyMatt's avatar
    Perfect signing up
  9. jhhgreen's avatar
    Is it worth buying this if you have Rocksmith?
    Yes I know it's a bargain but I mean does it have anything Rocksmith doesn't?
  10. meolse's avatar
    Also been using this a few months now again at £17.40 offer. It’s full of video from excellent guitarists
  11. WeeeRob's avatar
    This is awesome timing, I bought a guitar yesterday to learn and was thinking about getting this!
  12. Runestone71's avatar
    Code invalid for me, even with trying workaround
  13. WittyUsername's avatar
    Yep. Doesn't work unfortunately.
  14. Phooqueue's avatar
    Doesn’t work.
  15. drunkenairguitar's avatar
    Great deal if you can get it.
  16. scottrawlinson's avatar
    Deal not working now! does this come along often as i might just wait now. Thanks :-)
  17. liam.ebbs's avatar
    Gutted - code not working 😩
  18. chauhan79's avatar
    Me too, code not working, hopefully the same offer comes again soon
  19. phatbhoy's avatar
    Why is this not expired?
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