Unfortunately, this deal has expired 22 September 2023.
Posted 20 September 2023

12 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership (WW)

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About the 12 month Xbox Live Gold Membership for Xbox one/Xbox 360
You'll get lightning fast online service with Xbox Live Gold thanks to thousands of dedicated servers offering low lag and reduced cheating.
Get free games twice a month with Xbox Live Gold - including Microsoft exclusives on the day they release.
Exclusive access to weekly sales offering up to 75% off games.
With an Xbox Live Vision Camera, you can video chat with friends and family.
Be the first to view exclusive game demos as an Xbox Live Gold member
Download new content straight from the Xbox Live marketplace to keep all your favourite games updated.
CDKeys More details at

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  1. m4tt's avatar
    For anyone who is worried about Xbox Live becoming Game Pass Core, it doesn't matter. I re-upped my Game Pass Ultimate for 2 years yesterday using a similar method to this. I grabbed 36 months of Xbox Live (the maximum you can convert) and redeemed them on the Microsoft redemption site. It will then convert it to Game Pass Core -- just make sure you don't activate the 1 month free for enabling recurring billing, as anything that tips the total over 36 months will no longer redeem.

    Then, once you've activated those 36 months of Xbox Live (which becomes Core), you buy one month of Game Pass Ultimate from CDKeys or similar. Activate that and it will convert the 36 months of Game Pass Core to Game Pass Ultimate at a ratio of 3:2, giving you two years at what works out around £4 a month all in. (edited)
    ugly75's avatar
    Do you know if this works for pc too
  2. Lutzie's avatar
    Does anyone know what the current conversion is to XB ultimate? Mine is due to expire soon.
    Also, can these be stacked? Cheers.
    To3GUK12's avatar
    3:2 ratio. So if you get 3 years of gold you'd get it converted to 2 years of gamepass ultimate.

    Gold can only be stacked up to 3 years and the 3:2 conversion rate only applies if you don't have an existing gamepass ultimate membership. (edited)
  3. MAndrews90's avatar
    How do you convert it to GPU if I currently have a subscription? Is it as simple as it will ask?
    MonkeyMan90's avatar
    Wait until it expires or you will get shafted
  4. 1616french's avatar
    What's WW?
    mattbat's avatar
    World wide code
  5. TALON1973's avatar
    The free 2 games with gold has ended in August
  6. Gazbe1975's avatar
    My sons Gold subscription runs out next week (currently buy monthly pass from Ebay), how do I convert it? I am a total novice for this
    mattbat's avatar
    Buy as much gold as you can afford. Up to 3 years. Add to your account. Then buy one month of Gamepass ultimate and it will convert it all for you.
  7. bass2k8's avatar
    I can confirm that CDKeys provides x4 3-month keys for each 12-month key purchased.

    I can also confirm that this provides around 619 day extension to an existing game pass ultimate subscription, when using x12 3-month keys.

    619 days works out to about 20.5 months, since I purchased x3 12 month which cost £83.97, it is effectively £4.10 per month for game pass ultimate.

    I did not want to wait until the end of the year to do this, which is when my subscription expires, as I was concerned this may no longer be possible. (edited)
  8. Adiebear's avatar
    Thanks OP, Bought and it came through as 4 x 3 month codes.
    Madmonk600's avatar
    Adding this for others' info. I was worried that it might be a bit random, but tried just now and also got 4x3months. People further down the comments list also got that, so seems a safe bet at this stage that we will get 4x codes.
  9. Garry_Heslop's avatar
    Just purchased 3 years Turkey XLG gold on Tuesday, and received 3 single yearly codes. Converted to XBU with 3 to 2 conversion.
  10. alferg75's avatar
    I have just bought this, but I have the xbox series X. It doesn’t say it’s for the X.

    Can I use it on the series X (edited)
    Jaime_VanHunskerken's avatar
  11. Nathan2087's avatar
    Funny story, I just spent 38 minutes on the phone to Xbox customer support to get my 36 months of XBOX GP Core transferred to another account because I added them to the wrong one haha. Luckily the guy was more than happy to help and now I’m all sorted. Just have to redeem my 1 month GPU to get my 36 months converted to 2 years of GPU. There is more to this story but this is the crux of it. Lesson learned. I think I got VERY lucky.
  12. Lighters's avatar
    Excellent deal, my gamepass ultimate ended yesterday.

    I paid £29.99 for 12 months yesterday (stacked 3 codes)
    I now just paid £9.79 for 1 months ultimate and now have game pass ultimate after conversion until around October 2025. (edited)
    kaisah16's avatar
    Should only be until 2025? As 3 years should convert to 2 years of GPU
  13. Zesh's avatar
    Are these stackable?
    Zesh's avatar
    I can confirm these are stackable thankfully
  14. xml_driver's avatar
    I pay monthly for my ultimate, ive bought 3 of these how do I best add them to my account to get the best conversion? (edited)
    CoolBowTiesAre's avatar
    Cancel your monthly subscription and wait for it to run out. Then add these to your account and buy a new one month game pass ultimate. Then it'll convert them for you.
  15. ibblackberry1's avatar
    Slightly more expensive than the £5.99 a quarter pass that was available recently, but still a no brainer, for under the cost of £50 a year, if you are an xbox owner makes sense to just max out your GPU while the prices are this cheap as they are only going one way (subject to affordability).
    bass2k8's avatar
    Do you have any information on how much we can max it out by? Currently mine runs until Aug 2025 after extending it.
  16. wazzaworld's avatar
    Just seen an offer via Turkey (VPN) from Livecards.co.uk for £22.95. Anyone used them before and do they stack for 3 years? Thx.
  17. lib319's avatar
    I have GPU at the moment that is about to run out. What is the best way to extend this? Willing to go through VPNs or whatever.
    m4tt's avatar
    Let it run out and then activate these once it's no longer running.
  18. jazzyjay99's avatar
    My gamepass expires in December. Should I buy 3 years worth and wait until December to use codes?
    computerguy234's avatar
    That's what I'm wondering

    Should be fine but there's always the risk Microsoft change something in the next few months and this no longer works so it's up to you
  19. daymouse's avatar
    I’m currently on a 3 month trial for my Rog Ally. What’s the best way to redeem this to convert to ultimate?
    daymouse's avatar
    Just answered my own question.

    Turned off recurring payments and tried a code which game me 50 days.
    It actually tells you before you commit what your current expiry date is and what the new one is so you can work it out and make sure
  20. XximRamboxX's avatar
    Do they have expiry date or use by date on them??
    wazzaworld's avatar
    They usually do. However, you need to use within about a month to ensure you are able to go back to whoever bought from (CD Keys) if it doesn't work. They won't help you if after that so have a good read on the Ts & Cs 😁.
  21. DarkyR7's avatar
    I wonder if in the future, CD keys will be selling Games pass core codes instead of Xbox live gold codes (with the same 3:2 conversion)
  22. talltj's avatar
    Thank you so much for this- I planned to do this before the cutoff date they advertised (which I think was a few weeks back) and was gutted I forgot. Was a bit nervous about getting it right as I had an existing Core account running and didn't quite understand the 36 month thing. What I did was first buy the codes from CDkeys, which as another poster mentioned arrive as 3 month codes. I then redeemed 11 of these codes, before adding a (CDkeys) 1 month Ultimate key, and then finally the last 3 month code. I've ended up with 23rd October 2025 as my renewal date for a total of £93.76, around £4 a month.
  23. Lighters's avatar
    I have 40k rewards and gamepass unlimited for 2 years.
    Is it worth converting these to 1 month core pass which will extend my ultimate by a good few days at 7k points each>?

    Whats the best thing to spend them on?
    edit - Just realised I can get £25 gifcard on amazon so probably this! (edited)
  24. jacobkidd's avatar
    Would this work for PC game pass also? Or is that a different kettle of fish?
    CoolBowTiesAre's avatar
    Yes, but you have to get it as Ultimate Game Pass. It still works out cheaper than the PC Game Pass standard cost, and if you're only using PC you get the exact same games.
  25. mrs2009's avatar
    Sorry for the question but it says on CDKeys "XBOX ONE/360". Will it also work on XBox Series S? Many Thanks
    ibblackberry1's avatar
  26. mrkhal1l's avatar
    Is there an article/video guide explaining how to convert to game pass ultimate from Xbox live?
  27. baddersmufc's avatar
    If I add this to my Xbox in the living room will it also be accessible on my sons in his bedroom ? We have game sharing already and EA play shares ok
    shasnir's avatar
    Yes it will game share, but do you want Gamepass Core (which is what this converts to) or use it to convert to Ultimate Gamepass?
  28. krazyasif786's avatar
    Can you use this for PC too?
  29. benjamingriffin's avatar
    Thank you PURCHASED
  30. Saulll's avatar
    Shows 29.99 for me…
  31. thelaine's avatar
    There's a 12 month turkey sub for £23.99
    Does it still work via region swapping?
    Gold ran out 3 days ago so looking for the cheapest current way to load up
    wazzaworld's avatar
    Looking at the same myself. I did this last year and activated on MS Xbox site via VPN and it was fine. I'm not sure if they are stackable though (i.e. buy 3 for 3 years).
  32. manda1's avatar
    Can anyone help with what I've done wrong please?
    Xbox live had ran out, purchased one year live from cdkeys and also purchased one month of ultimate game pass. I added the live first, showed as sub finishing 23 SEP 24. Added the ultimate and now it says sub ends 24 July 24. I've never had problems before and has always given me an extra 6 months. This has now made me lose 2 months. 😫 What's happened?
    wazzaworld's avatar
    New conversion rate started recently which makes it 3:2, so 12 months Live (now called Game Pass Core) is now only 8 months of Game Pass Ultimate. Quite a few comments explaining this around the HUKD site and in this particular thread. No longer as cheap as it was. I'm about to buy 3 years of Gold to convert to 2 years Ultimate to lock in the pricing for a while at least.
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