12 Months free insurance at Phones4U
12 Months free insurance at Phones4U

12 Months free insurance at Phones4U

If you're thinking of buying a new phone, this could be of some use (although might not work in every store, worth a try if you're thinking of buying from Phones4U anyway).

Instore only - I recently bought a cheap £5 Motorola F3 phone from Phones4U in Aylesbury. The sales guy asked me if I wanted a years insurance for £30, of course I said no based on the value of the phone. He then offered me a couple of cheaper prices (half price etc.) before just saying he'd just give it me free. Seems like a good deal to me!

Chances are they may well offer something similar on all models, bit of experimentation needed I guess. Only thing to watch out for is (I think) £10 excess if you need to claim.


A £5 phone with a free insurance policy but £10 excess. Did you not think they might give it to you for free, because they will never pay out on it. Are you really that stupid?

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I was just saying my personal experience. As I said in the post, chances are, they will offer something similar but with more expensive models. Thinking about it, I should have put this in the tips section rather than as a deal but I can't now it's posted - mod?
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