12 months free line rental offers on T-Mobile / £30 QuidCo profit - choice of 9 great phones!!

12 months free line rental offers on T-Mobile / £30 QuidCo profit - choice of 9 great phones!!

Found 17th Oct 2006
The Mobile Outlet have a range of 12 months free line rental offers on a 12 month contract. The great thing is, they're on T-Mobile - a network who rarely do 12 months free line rental offers!!

The phones are on either the Relax 30 or Relax 35 tariffs, costing £30 and £35 per month respetively before cashback. Relax 30 offers 250 x-net mins and 100 texts per month, whilst the Relax 35 tariff, just £5 dearer per month before cashback, offers double that amount - 500 x-net mins each month and 100 text messages. *Some* of the phones also include the Relax 25 tariff in the 12 months free offers. This tariff costs just £25 per month before cashback, and you get 150 x-net mins and 100 texts per month.

Not only will the WHOLE CONTRACT work out as totally FREE after you've claimed cashback, but you also get to CHOOSE A PHONE FOR TOTALLY FREE!!

The phones you can choose from are: The Motorola L7 SLVR, the Motorola RAZR V3i, the Motorola RAZR V3 Black, the Motorola RAZR V3 Pink, the Sony Ericsson K510i, the Sony Ericsson W300i, the Nokia 6070, the Motorola U6 PEBL Red and the Motorola U6 PEBL Black.

The offers work by cashback which you claim from The Mobile Outlet at specified intervals (see their site for full Terms and Conditions on this). Basically, you pay the normal amount to T-Mobile who send you bills. You can then claim this money back from The Mobile Outlet by sending your bills back in accordance with the T&Cs. If you send them on time and recorded delivery then you should have no problems. By the time you've made your last claim the whole thing will have worked out TOTALLY FREE!!

Purchase via QuidCo.com for £30 in extra cashback, so you'll make a PROFIT of £30 on the whole thing!!

Hidden charges to be aware of: Firstly, make sure you cancel insurance with them when you order. This is advertised as "free one month's insurance" but if you do go with it then you'll be paying £4.99 per month for it. | T-Mobile charge £1.50 per month for itemised billing. This is optional however, and can be cancelled by ringing T-Mobile when you get your contract. You'll still get the bills needed to make your cashback claims, you just won't get a full list of all calls made. | The Mobile Outlet charge an initial fee of £1.99 to perform a credit check. This is unavoidable I'm afraid.

Hope all that extra info helps!!
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Thanks ducky Some of the models under offer....

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Mobile Outlet also have 12months free on Virgin 30(200min &300 text)
Nokia 6111 Pink
Samsung D600 Chrome
Sony K750i Red
Nokia 6230i
Motorola SLVR L7
Samsung D600
Thanks duckmagicuk2..ordered myself a 12-month free 6230i on voda:thumbsup:
Is this not the same company as The Mobs that have received such terrible publicity on cashbacks?
Does anyone know if you can add the Web & Walk Package on to these contracts?


Is this not the same company as The Mobs that have received such terrible … Is this not the same company as The Mobs that have received such terrible publicity on cashbacks?:pirate:

Didn't think it was...
Be careful with the website. I looked at this and I thought it looked too good to be true. I googled the website and found a lot of bad reviews about it. Mostly about how they did not give back the cask back.

I'm claiming cashback. I'll let you know if I get it in a month or so. ;-)
I buy lots of these cashback phone deals and can honestly say that the Mobile Outlet Is the only one I have had problems claiming cashback from. They change their T&C's all the time. No info is ever sent with the phones. I would recommend mobileshop, onestopphoneshop, e2save, the link and the carphonewarehouse. All of which I have used and had no problems with cashback.
I looked into this company and they have probably the worst feedback of them all on moneysavingexpert.com. You have to apply for cashback in five stages and if you don't do it all right you'll not get a penny. Many people haven't received anything from these crooks.


Stay away!!!
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