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12 months free McAfee Internet Security for SKY broadband customers - 3 Users
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12 months free McAfee Internet Security for SKY broadband customers - 3 Users

Posted 28th Mar 2017
I was looking around for internet security online and found free McAfee Internet security for 12 months from SKY for SKY broadband customers. You need to log on to SKY account > Broadband Settings > Select Internet Security and provide confirm your email address. It will take you to another page for accepting terms and conditions and volla! you can download the McAfee Internet security using the link. After 12 months they will charge £3 per month if you do not cancel. And SKY will send reminder before this happens. Hope this helps someone who is looking out for internet security.
Note: The serial key will pop up after accepting terms and conditions.

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BT do similar deal if you have broadband with them and don't charge after 12 months remains free
not all with BT isn't it? also when the offer expires you switch yo BT I am talking for SKY customers here.

I pay around £18 pm for SKY broadband.. and I did not know about the free 12 months offer. This is more than welcome for me as I was indeed looking to buy a separate internet security online... My mantra is use it while you can.. why so cold?
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What's the first thing you do when you get a new PC infected with McCrapee? You uninstall it.
Problem is McAfee is like wolverine, you try to kill it but it keeps coming back to life.
Order a barge pole first.
Better order some Y2K protection while you're at it...
I find when you add security that's when you are most at risk
Thanks op didn't know this. I have Mcafee at moment and its been ok so will look in my Sky account when its up for renewal. People who don't have Sky will vote cold and people who don't like Mcafee will vote cold and people who only download free antivirus will vote cold, so soon this deal will be very cold indeed. I've nullified one for you and voted hot.
you will be better off wearing a colander as a condom. garbage security.
avoid like the plague! stay well clear!
McAfee is a virus. This deal would be hotter if it were no McAfee for 12 months.
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