12 months free on 12 months contracts @ e2save
12 months free on 12 months contracts @ e2save

12 months free on 12 months contracts @ e2save

Various phones on 12 months free on 12 months contracts :
Motorola V3 Razr,Motorola Razr V3i clearance, Motorola L6, Nokia 6111 clearance and Samsung D600 clearance. All contracts on orange 200 minutes cross network contract(200 cross network + 50 minutes to orange network). Offers apparently end at 9am 27th December.



Guys I'm not sure where to post this so I just going to post it to an e2save thread. I bought a phone through a cash-back offer there 4 months ago (and through quidco) and they are nothing short of thieves. They are using every trick in the book to ensure I get as little cash back as possible.

Firstly they refused my cashback through quidco purchase (and I am still sitting in the enquiry phase after about 3 months) and now when I sent out my 4th monthly bill they said I sent out the wrong one (even though it clearly states sent the 4th). After a long phone call they seem to count the 1 WEEK and 1 MONTH bill (my first bill) as 2 monthly bills.

Please oh please DO NOT use e2save, they will, I am sure, try to cheat you other ways; but if you do, be advised about the monthly trick and ensure you follow the rules to the letter! (and watch out for the above trick)


If you log into the e2save website using the links that they send out to you, it tells you which bills you need to send in and when. The main thing to beware of is that they changed their redemptions address a while ago, so I rang them to confirm which one is the right one as both are given on different pages. They should be sent to the Dunstable address rather than the Wednesbury one.

I'll know better how trustworthy they are when / if I get the first 'claimed' cheque, though the automatic one came through without any problems.

Had previous dealings with e2save and thought they were v helpful. I didn't get one cash back cheque after receiving a text from them. Rang them up and got a cheque 3 days later.
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