12 Months online magazine Subs - Completely FREE (83 titles to choose from)
12 Months online magazine Subs - Completely FREE (83 titles to choose from)

12 Months online magazine Subs - Completely FREE (83 titles to choose from)

No credit card - Very few personal details given in fact, And best of all you can sign up as many times as you want by using a different email address and clearing cookies.

"Zinio has teamed up with your favorite publications to create The Read Green Initiative. A program designed to offer you one free digital magazine subscription of your choice! Join The Read Green Initiative to explore digital reading and go green.

With Zinio, digitally read the magazines you love. See your favorite articles and ads evolve off the page into rich digital experiences. Check out the brilliant colors, searchable text, clutter-free archiving, clickable links and exclusive access to issues. Many that havent yet hit newsstands.

With The Read Green Initiative your first annual subscription is free. A portion of proceeds for any purchases made on this site will be used to purchase eco unit credits and buy more trees."

Titles include:
*I-Phone Life
*Mens Journal
*Beer magazine
*Car and Driver
*Elle Decor
*Vegetarian Times



Thank you H&R added

Signed up for men's journal. Thanks, heat added.

Is the offer limited within US? Even when I choose UK, I still have to choose one of the states in america, which is kind of weird.

how can a digital magazine be out of stock????????????????????????

I keep getting a session expired error, arse.

Tried to subscript the 'Car and Driver', signed up with Zinio, but still nothing shown in 'My Subscriptions' in the Zinio account, back to the 'Car and Driver', they want $8 for 12 months subscriptions. And free publications are something shown in the link.


Thanks. Just signed up. Heat added

Not at good this year, last year I got Penthouse for 12 months free :whistling:

Now another reason for me to buy an iPad....

Make sure you check the box to receive the free year's subscription when filling out the form!

^ I actually did. But somehow I'm getting same issue like duduchen.
Can't seem to see anything subscription in my account.

worked ok for me

Thanks, just signed up.

Thanks Op, heat n repped

It's great

what have to select state??

Some of these titles sound like the ones you see featured on Have I Got News For You! ;-)

Is playboy still included !!! ???

the link wont work
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