£12 off £12 spend at Argos via TCB (new customers)

£12 off £12 spend at Argos via TCB (new customers)

Found 20th Jun 2017
top cash back offer for new customers £12 cashback off any purchase meaning any purchase of that cost or less is free .

1) Simply click the "get cashback now" button to go to the Argos website.

2) Make your purchase.

3) Shortly after you've made your transaction you will see the transaction in your TopCashback account.

£12 cashback at Argos, means that TopCashback will refund 100% of the purchase order value up to £12 on purchases at Argos.

E.g. new members purchasing the “Opti Tennis Racket - 25 Inch” for £11.99 would get £11.99 cashback.

The £12 cashback at Argos start date is the 19/06/2017 and the offer end date is 23/07/2017 23:59.

topcashback.co.uk/arg…ns/ If the 'get deal' automatically redirect to the argos page
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Not a new customer but still got from me

e:link broken
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Hot like Gal Gadot
this is gonna go scorching hot like temperature outside.
"What will stop me getting cashback? £12 cashback at Argos is only available for new members or those with no previous purchases or cashback through TopCashback."
Be aware and proceed with some caution as a purchase can track but may subsequently be withdrawn if TCB chooses to enforce that t&c.
Has the argos purchase got to be under the £12 or can it be more and topcashback just covers the first £12? cheers for any info..
This is a great offer for new members of TopCashback (plus a few specially selected existing accounts). Don't vote cold just because you are an existing member who won't benefit.
can somebody help a possible TCB noobie?,how long after purchase do you get the cash back in your account? thank you.
Can i order like £20 and argos gave me back 12 ? Do i have to order exact amount?
I done a very similar deal last month £15 cashback with £15 spend with b&q. I spent £100 and it tracked and paid out within a month.
As it's just showing on the main page now - be aware it's first purchase up to £12, and first 5,000 customers only. Amazing if you were buying something anyway and can risk it, but I've only used them once and it didn't track.
is there seriously NO ONE that has ever shopped at argos before ?
garbage45610 m ago

is there seriously NO ONE that has ever shopped at argos before ?

It's new to TCB not Argos.
Word of Caution, these deals dont always track correctly, did something similar via TCB and did a collect in Store, never tracked, might have done if I paid the extra Postage and had it delivered, who knows?

Just be prepared NOT to get paid out, dont end up buying something you dont need and being out of pocket..

Word of Caution, ...dont end up buying something you dont need...

That's not in the spirit of HUKD, is it?
TCB is generally better than quildco, in any way...

That's not in the spirit of HUKD, is it?

Lol, you mean the spirit of "I really wanted one of them" and now there Out of Stock because someone else just bought the last 20 that are sitting in the Shed for the next 5 years.
£15 via Quidco - bought x2 HP301 b/w + colour ink cartridges which Argos who had an offer of buy one get one half price. If all goes well that's £40 worth of ink cartridges for £15.
Hm. Got a new account. It just tracked as 33p off a 31 quid purchase (Binding of Isaac on Switch).
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