12 Pack Foster £6.00 at Tesco 440ml; cans too...

12 Pack Foster £6.00 at Tesco 440ml; cans too...

Found 8th May 2008
Fosters, Beer, what else? At Tesco

spend £40 and get another £4 off

7 * 6 (-£4) = £38 for 84 cans...

The summer is starting; beer to be drunk!
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Please be sure to choose correct merchant, tesco in this case, not fosters. Many thanks
Great price might have to put an order in (still looking for a cool beer fridge)
Great price. I just paid £10 for an 18 pck Carlsburg @ Tesco
quite a weak beer, though good for summer. voted hot!
Not bad, considering my tescos was advertising 15 cans for 10 pounds and 12 for 6 pounds was quietly hidden on the corner, doesn't make sense to me, thats supermarkets for you. still think 20 bottles for 7.49(Carslberg Export) is prob slightly better deal!! Me personally is drinking 20 for 7.49 at the mo!!! So CHEERS TO ALL!!!
Can only order a maximum of 6 & when I add a 15 pack to get it too a £40 spend it states that the coupon can't be used due to insufficient spend !
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