12 pack hangers for 99p @ 99p stores

12 pack hangers for 99p @ 99p stores

Found 16th Dec 2013
stocking for the the summer
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    Nobody I know has ever bought hangers, we've all got a few thousand more than we need already.

    Unless you are a naturist, and don't buy any clothes ( and hence don't have any hangers), this is frankly a ridiculous thing to spend money on.
    ha ha ha I see what you did there......funny NOT!
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    U might be one of those that steal hangers from your flatmates
    If your the victim then you will know perhaps
    I always need more hanger for me & the kids. Heat
    I will give heat on this as we are always in need of hangers, The wife never stops buying clothes and never gets rid of her old ( smaller ) one's she says she will still wear them one day. yeah right:{
    Just throwing another option out there with some hangers that I prefer to plastic are wooden hangers, you can 5 for £1 @ Poundland hotukdeals.com/dea…425
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