12 Pack of Toy cars £1 at poundland

12 Pack of Toy cars £1 at poundland

Found 24th Nov 2009
A great gift for christmas and very cheap as well : )
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Poundland toys are generally very poor quality
have to agree with lottysdad

have bought these in past, they come apart and fall to bits in no time at all.
you have to be very carefull if you have young uns around as they tend to put peices into mouth
Good Price if your kids like to build and play Scrap Yards.Quality is very poor, but can't grumble at a quid i suppose.
I sense a visit to A & E come Christmas day with the detatched black plastic chassis of one of these brightly coloured bad boys lodged down the throat!

These are £1.00 for a reason

Join in everybody “On the first day of Christmas my uncle gave to me a triiiiiip to casualty”

tat - will be lucky if these last 2 mins :whistling:
Total junk.

Better off saving your £ and buying from car boot.

dont embarass urself giving these out as a gift
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