1/2 price Blank Maxwell Blu Rays at Asda INSTORE - 3 BD-RE £5 (erasable), 5 BD-R £4.50 in jewel cases

1/2 price Blank Maxwell Blu Rays at Asda INSTORE - 3 BD-RE £5 (erasable), 5 BD-R £4.50 in jewel cases

Posted 11th Oct 2011
Seems a reasonable deal, packs of 5 BD-R for £4.50 and packs of 3 BD-RE (erasable) for £5 reduced to half price to clear (red stickers) in my local Asda.

All in jewel cases, non-printable.

Maxell 25Gb Single Layer 1x-4x BD-R
Maxell 25Gb Single Layer 1x-2x BD-RE

Worth keeping an eye out for, I hope this isn't a one off!

At play.com a cake of 10 Maxell BD-R is £9.79 and the 3 pack of Maxell BD-RE is £6.99


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Never seen blank blurays in asda before. Was this in a superstore or extra or what ever they call their bigger shops?
Nah, just a regular size Asda. Had spotted the blanks previously, only High Street shop I've ever seen selling them. These were moved to the Bargain shelf amongst the other red stickered stuff. Looks like all had been moved so possibly a Nationwide "get shot of blank blu rays" drive as they probably taking up valuable shelf space?

At this price they are a "reasonable" bargain. No Terrys chocolate orange deal at Tesco, but reasonable.
Good heads up by the OP, but alas I don't believe it to be nationwide.

Certainly not a deal to go out of your way for (I didn't, just happened to be in the store and on my mobile phone checking out HUKDs in Asda today whilst we were up north in Sheffield and would have bought a couple of packs if on offer)

Can confirm that price on shelf for a pack of 5 disks showed £9, and asked them to scan the barcode to confirm the price (was £9). Did not bother trying the BD-REs I presume those would have been the same, they were priced at £10 on shelf.

This was in Sheffield Handsworth Asda-Walmart Superstore .
i have got hold of some of these from asda if any whants some will sell at what they cost plus p and p
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