1/2 price cold food @ Itsu every day half an hour before close

1/2 price cold food @ Itsu every day half an hour before close

Found 2nd Jul 2014
Half an hour before closing each store holds an itsu sale - all sushi and salad boxes are half price.
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My local supermarket does something similar with bread, fish, sandwiches and stuff. Why is this place so special?
Good luck with that - there's next to nothing left
It depends where it is I suppose. there's plenty left in the Islington one.
Haven't seen any other local place that offers something like this.
Hot! Or cold...! Thanks for reminding me about this. I did see it happening at their Notting Hill branch.
Every day in my local Tesco, Morrisons, ASDA, Lidl, Aldi, Co-Op, Waitrose, Sainsburys. They have a sale near the end of the day in the fresh items isle.
My only worry with things sold off at the end of the day is you'll end up with food poisoning! I speak from experience when I purchased fresh bargain mackerel from Sainsbury two years ago and suffered concussion when I passed out with severe vomiting and upset stomach and was hospitalized! Its possibly at the end of its display life and oily fish is the worse offender unless its white fish which can't for some reason be so deadly! #Notgood
No one seems to get this deal. Thousands of people buy Itsu for lunch at full price just three hours earlier. This is the same product for 50% off. Great for a healthy dinner, esp after the gym.
As the boxes are made fresh everyday this will keep easily for 72 hours in your fridge - no danger of getting ill.
Can't be compared to supermarkets as you can't get good sushi at any UK supermarkets.
If you want cheap supermarket deals, they all do them. If you want discounted quality sushi this is a great deal. Hot.
This is on going. So not expired.
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