1/2 price dog foods Iams and Bakers @ Sainsburys
I noticed that Bakes and Iams dog food were 1/ 2 price instore at Sainburys.

Hope this helps someone.

Looks like some are on line


nice find-we have 2 large dogs and the price of dog food has rocketed in the last coupla weeks-they love that bakers meaty meals stuff-will be off to sainsburys in the morning to do a bulk buy-heat added-thank you.

Thanks for this lizzy.p, my 2 dogs love the Bakers Gravy bites, but at £6 odd we just couldn't afford to buy them it all the time, but with this deal it makes it cheaper than their normal food. H&R for you.

Also seen yesterday that Tesco have reduced the Bakers Gravy Bites to £3.10, a whole 1p cheaper than Sainsburys
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