1/2 Price No7 Electrical Beauty @ Boots + Free Gift + £5 off - Heated Eyelash curler & Blemish Stick & Free Make up bag for £9.99

1/2 Price No7 Electrical Beauty @ Boots + Free Gift + £5 off - Heated Eyelash curler & Blemish Stick & Free Make up bag for £9.99

Found 27th Feb 2010Made hot 27th Feb 2010
Boots are offering a gorgeous make up bag filled with goodies when you spend £22 on No 7 items. With the 1/2 price on No 7 Electrical Beauty items, the full price counts towards the £22 spend not the reduced price. There is also a £5 off No 7 items which is valid at the mo if you havent already used it or if you have, just use a new email address and set up a new account. The code is NSMB88. The code doesnt work on the electrical items but does on make up so if you add a cheap No 7 make up item to your order you will get £5 off it. I ordered boots no 7 heated eyelash curler for £7.50 (normal price that counts towards £22 spend of £14.99) and a blemish stick for £7.50 and used the £5 off code. The total order before discount is £22.49 so it also gives you the free make up gift bag and with the £5 discount, the make up bag of goodies, the eyelash curler and the blemish stick only comes to £9.99 with free delivery to store. It works with any of the half price electrical items and make up items not just the examples ive used. Links in comments for individual items


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Link for 1/2 price electrical beauty items boots.com/web…ory
Heated eyelash curler £7.49 (was £14.99) boots.com/en/…10/
Compact Hair Trimmer £7.49 (Was £14.99) boots.com/en/…20/
Pedicure Set £12.49 (was £24.99) boots.com/en/…16/
illuminating Compact make up mirror £12.49 (was £24.99) boots.com/en/…94/
Palm Control Body massager £12.49 (was 24.99) boots.com/en/…24/
-No7 Rechargeable Manicure Set £17.49 (was £34.99) boots.com/en/…50/
Free Gift http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj72/pinkkitty2007-HUKD/no7bag.jpg

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No7 Heated Eyelash Curler 10068674
1/2 price on selected No7 electricals
Free gift when you spend £22 or more on selected No7- £14.99
1/2 price on selected No7 electricals -£7.50
No7 Quick Cover Blemish Stick 10041441003
Colour 05 Medium
Save £5 when you buy selected No7 or Ruby & Millie products
Free gift when you spend £22 or more on selected No7 -£7.50
No7 Cosmetic Bag Gift 10101143
Free gift when you spend £22 or more on selected No7- £0.00 Free
Save £5 when you buy selected No7 or Ruby & Millie products -£5.00
Items sub total:
Including VAT and giftboxing £9.99
Advantage Card You could earn 36 Advantage Card Points
Promotions Your "Save £5 when you buy selected No7 or Ruby & Millie products" promotion total-£5.00
You have saved: -£12.50
Order Total £9.99

Thanks for this. I bought compact hair trimmer, eye make up base and got the free make up gift all for £ 9.99 delivered to store. Great deal

I was in boots yesterday and sorely tempted to spend £22 just to get this bag. Will have to try this deal, glad i didnt get it in store now as i will save myself £12!

Looks as though Boots have pulled these pages :-(

Great find though!

they are still there when you click the individual links

anyone else having trouble with boots website? :? i keep on getting a generic error when i try to chekout :-(

me too!


me too!

And me :x


Lovely just ordered the curlers and some foundation I will need soon plus free bag £16 bargain as that's the price of the foundation on it's own near enough.

I am on IE and it worked literally just now.

Worked fine for me using Firefox.

thanks ordered eyelash curler and blemish stick for £9.99 not sure the stick would be the right shade for me :? will swap in shop with something else if it isnt really wanted the make-up bag when i saw last week in store

managed to order at last :-D
went to place a second order as i thought it woud be a great gift for mothers day but the fiver off code won't work again :? which is out of order as i have more than one five pound off voucher that i have got instore & they all have the same onine code on them :x

ordered at last - went for the compact mirror, free bag and a fancy metallic eyeliner for £14.49

It won't give the £5 off even though I have definitely entered the code correctly. Was ordering 2 No 7 tinted mositurers and one of the elecrical items. anyone got any ideas?

how have you gone into the site, if through the link you are in someone's account called 'Jackie' . You need to go into your account, and you can only use the code once...

Excellent Just ordered. Don't forget Quidco! :thumbsup:

thanks OP, have just ordered!

For those having trouble:-

You need to be logged in to your own account for the voucher to work.

And once you have used the code for one order you cannot use it again.

Great deal !

Brilliant deal. I had the hair trimmer, No 7 face illumator and the free bag for 12.50. Heat Added x

Just ordered mine - been wanting a lip liner, so that and the heated eyelash curler and got a free bag!! This'll come in handy for my holiday this year... Heat added

Great deal, Thanks

I went in store today and bought the compact mirror and took the free gift to the counter as well. i said to the sales assistant that i didn't know if i would get the free gift as the mirror was half price.

She said she would scan them and see and she said it gone through so yes.

So bought mirror for £12.49 and got the free gift. nice

Hi.I went today and asked the sales assistant if i get the free gift, with the electric curler, and the blemish stick...she said no...please help...I can only collect instore...as my online account does not accept "NSMB88" - Please correct the errors highlighted below..
The Promotion Code "NSMB88" you entered is invalid, please check and try again. Please note that Promotion Codes are case sensitive.

But i do not understand... i have never used an online boots account before...and now this..

Please correct as soon as possible...

Thank you

I phoned the helpline, and they told me the code had been pulled due to problems, she gave me a reference code and said if I phoned them after placing my order and quoted the reference code the £5.00 wil be put back on my card.
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