1/2 price personalised card at funkypigeon .com
1/2 price personalised card at funkypigeon .com

1/2 price personalised card at funkypigeon .com

Only 10 days remaining for you to get that amazing personalised Christmas card that will stand out from all the rest!

Funky Pigeon cards are proper personal and you can even upload a photo. Plus if you use code Funky527 you’ll get ANY personalised card HALF PRICE!


not letting me use the code

ok sorted!! thanks

Thanks OP, code worked for me!

Just ordered a senior friend their card. Code worked cheers;)

Very handy, thanks

wont accept that code???

thank you very much, HOT!!!

Great code


Great code. Xmas cards ordered. Thanks and hot!

Excellent, was about to order a card for the other half, but checked here first

to much like hard work , keep trying to upload a picture but keep getting : Graphics object cannot be created from an image that has an indexed pixel format.

Its driving me nuts now and i dont have a clue what it means or how to fix it

It only works on individual cards. If you're ordering more than one then it doesn't work.

Great thanks......ordered from funkypigeon before and I have found them to be fast and great quality cards.

rip off from moonpig.com

Brilliant thanks

Ordered, thanks!

Can this only be used once per account?

Received my A4 card this morning and it was completely bent. I know RM are not brilliant but the packaging of the A4 card was very poor. They did not use a board envelope, instead placed two old sheets of flex card around the actual card. This type of flex card can be found on the back of a pad of paper. Not even a mention of "do not bend" on the envelope so because the envelope was floppy the post man folded the thing and put it in my door. Thanks. Paid £3.00 instead of £6.00 and still feel conned. Never use again.
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Great! Just got a personalised 30th birthday card for hubby for £1.49! Bargain

Fab! thanks for this Code worked too yay £1.49 and foc delivery

Came today, no problems at all & very pleased with the quality.

I ordered 3 Xmas cards on Friday. 1 was sent on Friday, 1 on Saturday and the other is still processing. I've received nothing yet! Has anyone else had similar problems? I've emailed them but heard nothing back.

my oh's never arrived
was apparently posted on 16th
i emailed them and they said the will refund but im kinda stuck for a card now!!

Excellent. Ordered a Birthday card for my friend @ £3 reduced to £1.50 :-) Thanks

Why isnt it working?

Is it me - or does this not work anymore ?

After a bit of research - 'Funky505' still gives 50% off


After a bit of research - 'Funky505' still gives 50% off

Thank you for this barnehurst!

Funky505 still working and on the largest cards
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