1/2 price toys at ELC....
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20% off all HappyLand toys 1/2 price games Featured toy offers:
Dream Town Cottage Was £80 Now £64
Castle of Courage Was £50 Now £33
Mrs Goodbee House Was £125 Now £75
Cash Register Was £20 Now £10

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doesnt seem such a good bargain now the planet protectors stuff we all got cheap the other day,lol

is this in store too or just on line?

Lots of items 1/2 price instore can't say for definate if it's the same items

the picture you used: I lol'ed

Ok deal but the toys on half price are all a bit "meh" to be honest. I have bought many of these in the past for my son and they're pretty rubbish quality especially the games. Puff Pop up Dragon is a good example of this, it's just a cheap pop up pirate rip off, it flimsy and doesn't work very well. You'd be better off buying the real thing in Tesco's or Asda where you would still get a good deal.
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