12 sugar dougnuts for £1.00 @Asda
12 sugar dougnuts for £1.00  @Asda

12 sugar dougnuts for £1.00 @Asda

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12 sugar dougnuts for a £1.00
12p for a doughut, thought that was a good bargain

what he really means is 8.3p a doughnut
- nicster08


Isn't that 8.3p a Doughnut?

rofl, good offer. Bad maths!

grim doughnuts



voted hot, looks good but you should write in the title the store at ASDA :{.

i'll go pick soem up today as it's my brothers birthday, thanks for the deal.

Should I vote hot as a great deal or cold as bad for my waistline??

a quick kiss burns 3 calories, a doughnut has 200 calories, so kiss each one 66.67 times and don't feel guilty!

Would probably do for carp fishing. I found a fresh doughnut left on the bank of my local pond. Broke it up and threw it out to the carp. They went berserk for it, with the bigger carp pushing the smaller fish out of the way.

They're horrible - binned them all after tasting 1



Had these before... surprisingly they're not that bad!

If you can get them fresh theyre nice but in my local they're normally stale

they pack these with their bare hands, for everyone to see, nice!

Asda has by far the worst bakery sadly (they're my local). If they were nice I would buy them, they aren't

These are always a quid in Asda aren't they?

comes with a BOGOF dentist appointment

Adidas Addict

These are always a quid in Asda aren't they?

Certainly are!
8.3p/10p each - who cares!


One for the porkers.... or yank cops

pmsl at the maths hehe

Now I can fit in to the recently purchased joblot of 44'' jeans.

Been around for ages but good post I suppose

Original Poster

hmm, been asda a few time, normally shop from tesco as closer to me, never seen it before
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