12 X 440ml Cans of Bombardier Ale + other packs of beer - £7.00 at Tesco

12 X 440ml Cans of Bombardier Ale + other packs of beer - £7.00 at Tesco

Found 27th Dec 2010
Asda and Sainsbury's both have mulitbuy offers on packs of beer, which work out best for some of the beers on offer here. However, Tesco are best for some packs and also have some beers that aren't on offer elsewhere.

Best at Tesco:

Bombardier English Ale 12 X 440ml Cans
Old Speckled Hen 10 X 440ml Can
Old Speckled Hen 9 X 355ml Bottles
Tetleys Smoothflow 15 X 440ml Cans
John Smiths Extra Smooth 15 X 440ml Cans
Brahma 12 X 330ml Bottles
Stella Artois (5%) 18 X 284ml Bottles
San Miguel 15 X 275ml Bottles
Carlsberg Export 18 X 275ml Bottles
Carlsberg Export 12 X 440ml Cans
Stella Artois (5%)12 X 440ml Cans
Budweiser (5%) 12 X 440ml Cans
Kopparberg Pear 12 X 330ml Cans
Blackthorn Dry Cider 15 X 440ml Cans
Magners Pear Cider 8 X 568ml Bottles
Savanna Dry Chill Pack 12 X 330ml Bottles

On offer at Tesco, but cheaper in the 3 for £18 multibuy at Asda

Budweiser (5%) 15 X 300ml Bottles
Beck's Bier 15 X 275ml Bottles

On offer at Tesco, but cheaper in the 3 for £20 multibuy at Sainsburys:

Boddingtons Draught 15 X 440ml Cans
Carlsberg 15 X 440m Cans
Carling 15 X 440ml Cans
Fosters Lager 15 X 440ml Cans
Strongbow Cider 15 X 440ml Cans

** A couple of notes on this deal:

1. If your local Tesco has stock, the best deal of all for cans of Strongbow is the £8.97 for 24 deal.

2. The best price for bottles of lager at Tesco is not actually in this deal. It's the deal for 3 X 500ml bottles of Boheme for £2.00. This is 4.7% ABV lager imported from the Czech Republic. The deal works out at £1.33 per litre, which beats the price of all the 5% lagers on offer here. If you buy online, you can specify substitutions which should be price matched, so if you are lucky you could get Budvar for 67p per 500ml bottle.

3. The list above is just what's in stock at my online store. So bottles of Apple Magners and even packs of 12 X 440ml Cans of Magners may also be in the deal.

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this is better if you just want to top up reserves for newyear rather than having to buy 3 packs
Thanks for taking the time to list everything!
The 3 for £18 deal at Asda is listed here:


The 3 for £20 deal at Sainsburys is listed here:


Morrisons also have a 2 for £14 deal on packs of beer, but they don't have a proper list on their website. None of the packs work out cheaper than the Tesco deal, but they do have Coors Light, Miller MGD and Gaymers if you prefer these:

Morrisons 2 for £14 deal

Wow, Bombadier and Hen. I'll get down there tomorrow.
Kopparberg and Hen ordered happy daze

good post ta for the info
Just a heads up - Morrisons are advertising in the press at 3 for £18, same as Asda, despite what their website says. Maybe 3 for £18 just applies instore?
The Tesco website indicates that all these packs are going up to £10 tomorrow, so you need to get in today to cash in.

heat added for the work involved.

heat added for the work involved.



Thanks to you both.

Apparently it's 'information overload' for some people, so I guess it's swings and roundabouts.

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