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Posted 24 January 2023

12 x 650ml cans of Sapporo Beer (imported) £26.39 at Costco (Croydon)

£26.39£34.2023% off
In store: Essex · Costco Deals
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Should be a national Costco deal according to staff in my local store.
At Tesco it’s £2.85 a can so £34.20 for 12. That makes this deal £7.81 cheaper (22%).
These are imported 650ml cans, so very nice!

Please drink responsibly; visit Drinkaware for more advice.
You will need a a Costco membership to purchase this item. See here Costco Membership
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  1. rodman's avatar
    I remember these 3 for £5 in Tesco.
    hotsir's avatar
    Yes the good old days
  2. KarlostheGreat's avatar
    What's the strength (ABV)?
    Pree_Pree's avatar
    5% according to Tesco website (edited)
  3. DealMeIn's avatar
    Did they have many instore Op?
    nabby's avatar
    Probably about 40-50 cases when I was in at 8pm this evening? I didn’t look to see if they had more in stock high up on the shelves, mind you.
  4. Marwood_Withnail's avatar
    This is a really nice beer. Also it's comes in the best well made can ever!
    nabby's avatar
    The beer is excellent and the can even more so 😁
  5. HomeworkRadio's avatar
    My 2nd favorite beer after Cusquena and yes the can! amazing
  6. rageruffle's avatar
    Japanese beer made and imported from somewhere else that isn't japan
  7. DelboyTrotter22's avatar
    Great tasting beer
  8. hotsir's avatar

    Cold - I don’t drink alcohol against my religion (edited)
    rodman's avatar
    Don't drink and drive, smoke and fly.
  9. Roy_Isserlis's avatar
    This definitely the classic Sapporo can that becomes the glass when opened?
    HomeworkRadio's avatar
    Like a pint glass yes
  10. aquapiranha's avatar
  11. ClashInDevon's avatar
    I guess people who enjoy the taste don't mind, but information online suggests that while this lager is imported, it is most likely not brewed in Japan. It seems like it is more likely brewed in the USA, Canada or Germany.
    nabby's avatar
    I don’t think any export market Sapporo is brewed in Japan. It’s all Vietnam, USA or Canada. The Japanese keep the stuff brewed in Japan for themselves, it seems.
  12. harmageddon's avatar
    Can the tops of the cans be removed easily?
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