12 x bottles of vimto £9.11 @amazon

12 x bottles of vimto £9.11 @amazon

Found 29th Nov 2011
I think these have been lower before but still a good price
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nobody needs that much vimto...
76p a bottle. Bargain. So does anyone know how long a bottle of Vimto keeps for (unopened). It would take me a year to get through this lot.

I need this info urgently. Very urgently. Or whenever.
Fantastic find. Ordered, and am looking forward to a winter of HOT vimto!! Thanks.
How can this be at -12? It works out at 25p PER LITRE of diluted Vimto (using the classic 1 - 4 vimto to water ratio).

Possibly the cheapest (and tastiest) drink on planet earth. I drink mine with blue glacier water from the antarctic, the way God intended.
Cheaper at B&M without having to stock up on 9 litres, B&M - £0.99/litre, Amazon - £1.05/litre. Still a good price though!
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I brought it last time a managed to get through it with two kids
It might be cheaper (1p) but I have no idea who B&M are and they certainly won't deliver it to my door for free.
Iceland used to sell 2 litres for £2 (including x% free). But at £1.05 per litre can't really go wrong.
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