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12x Brewdog Hoppy Xmas Festive IPA Beer 330ml Cans - £7.99 (£20 minimum order) @ Discount Dragon

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

  • 10% discount for new customers, free delivery over £20. I.e. 60p can if you order 3 packs
  • Also, they have 12 X BREWDOG COLD FRONT VIENNA STYLE LAGER 330ML BEER CANS at the same price.
  • 12 x Brewdog Hoppy Xmas Festive IPA Beer 330ml Cans
  • Pineapple. Papaya. Citrus.
  • Buckle up for this seasonal Simcoe sled ride!
  • A fruity festive fellow that delivers an all out Blitzen of citrus flavour by the sack load
  • Citrus and tropical fruits on the Red nose. Tangy citrus, papaya and pineapple Dancer across the palate. All resting on a firm malty under carriage. A happy but bitter end awaits.
  • Hoppy Christmas – don’t keep the receipt.
  • ABV 6.0%
  • 12 x 330ml Cans (Total 3960ml)
  • Minimum Best Before 21/08/2023
  • Age 18+
Discount Dragon More details at Discount Dragon
Please drink responsibly; visit Drinkaware for more advice.
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  1. Avatar
    49147192-MjoLl.jpgAlso 2 for £1.50 in Heron Foods if you've one of them near you 🍻
    works out cheaper buying the 12, and you get free delivery, so don't need to drive to Heron Foods and spend money on petrol.
  2. Avatar
    Can’t get the discount to come up at the checkout?
    10% discount still working. You add everything to basket, so spend is over £20 for free delivery. Go proceed to checkout. Enter information in boxes with red star * next to them, ie. your name, country, phone number and a new email address. Tick box saying: I have checked the best before dates on any food I am buying – YOU MUST TICK THIS BOX EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT BUYING FOOD. I also confirm I am 18 years or older *. Select box next to 3-5 day £3.99, then select free delivery box, total should update with 10% off.
  3. Avatar
    Brew dog are one of those companies that you wouldn't be disappointed if they failed catastrophically.

    There's a real unsavoury feel about the organisation in my opinion. A kind of nasty arrogance.

    It's a shame really because I used to enjoy their produce when they first started out.
    Got to disagree, I love Brewdog and think they are a forward thinking company who have done well. I’ve just ordered, love Hoppy Christmas.
  4. Avatar
    Thanks away to order.not short dated aswell

    just need remember my login details lol
    Use a new email, to get 10% discount on first order
  5. Avatar
    Can confirm the new email account works

    worth taking 2 mins make new account save £2.50

    hope discount dragon get elvis juice soon
    They will accept a gmail address with an extra dot as a new email (so if you had an account Random654@gmail you can sign up using Random.654@gmail - it will pop into your regular inbox, as gmail ignores dots in email addresses, the website will treat it as a different address. I've just tested it and it works
  6. Avatar
    No reflection on this deal but Brewdog produce some garbage these days.

    Embarrassingly bad 'ale'.
    Least they increased the elvis juice % back up lol
  7. Avatar
    Voted cold as it’s Brewdog
    Go and get some Xmas spirit then
  8. Avatar
    Brewdog have had their day now loads of offers they can no longer justify the inflated prices they charge for small cans
    A pound a can or less delivered a lot better than full sized bud miller Stella etc

    But don’t know who paying £3 a can in Tesco asda etc

    id never buy bud Stella again like drinking water lol
  9. Avatar
    This stuff isn't great...okay it's cheap & strong so will get you hammered ASAP. Brewdog are an utter disgrace to buy from direct too.
  10. Avatar
    36 cans delivered for 21.57. Blazing deal
  11. Avatar
    £7.99 + £3.99 unless spending over £20. A great deal, just title is a little misleading. Ordered two of these the other week. A nice drink in all honesty.
  12. Avatar
    thanks - liked the first box so 2 more for me!
    Buy 3 save the £4 delivery fee
  13. Avatar
    Cheers. 5 cases on their way.
    Your Royal Mail postie gonna hate you lol

    even if you live on ground floor
  14. Avatar
    Cold front Vienna lager also same price
    Lager? Ah ye, reindeer wee
  15. Avatar
    Absolutely beautiful beer. I've still got plenty left from last year. If brewdog can sell at this price then others can. But they choose not to.
  16. Avatar
    Great, finally Yankee bundles is good again. Cheers op
  17. Avatar
    4 boxes ordered. 🍻
  18. Avatar
    How on earth do I create a new account to get the new customer 10% off?
    Just register again with new email

    even if make a new email you’ll never have to login again
  19. Avatar
    Great offer. Thanks
  20. Avatar
    Can anyone rate the Vienna lager?
    I bought the Hoppy Xmas the year before last and enjoyed it. They didn’t reduce it as much last year price wise.
    Yes i had both last week, the xmas one is better, the vienna more like a standard larger with a slight bitterness
  21. Avatar
    Discount not showing for me at checkout, new customer. Is there a code I’m missing?
    No code, but you have to add more than £20 of stuff in the checkout and it takes it off automatically
  22. Avatar
    Ordered thanks op..............................nice to try something new x Happy New Year
    Happy New Year to you too
  23. Avatar
    Damn. Only just ordered the Goose Island stuff the other day from this lot.
  24. Avatar
    Still waiting for previous order I placed last week for the goose IPA but could not resist getting 3 crates of this.
  25. Avatar
    Not sure what I’m doing wrong, no discount being applied as a new customer? Put 3 x in my basket and £23.97?
    Think it only shows when you get to checkout.
  26. Avatar
    These cans are also in Heron foods 2 for £1.50
  27. Avatar
    Ordered 3 thanks
  28. Avatar
    Thanks so much OP ordered 3
  29. Avatar
    Brilliant, 4 boxes ordered will top the beer cupboard back up after the Xmas clear out
  30. Avatar
    Heat added thanks, 5 boxes on the way with the 10% new member discount - 60 cans for £35.96 working out at £1.82 per litre which is an absolute steal
  31. Avatar
    Would rather drink my own wee.
  32. Avatar
    Do we think it will arrive before Saturday? Asking for a friend to potentially save New Year's
  33. Avatar
    Now that sounds like it tastes good!
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