12 x Carling Zest 330ml for £2.00 @ Tesco

12 x Carling Zest 330ml for £2.00 @ Tesco

Found 25th Apr 2013
Absolutely crazy price for this!! Saw this deal while looking for Thatchers Cider. I don't like it, but if I did...... Anyway amazingdeal! Not online

EDIT: Seems to be only local to Tesco in Lewisham, but still look for it.
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Which Tesco's?
Lewisham. Not sure if its national. I wish I liked it, because I would have bought the crate! haha.
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is it nationwide?
Definatley a fab deal! Hmmm after stocking up on the kopperburg/magners deal....should I buy more?! Decisions decisions lol
Not sure, if someone else finds it, then it may be.
Fantastic deal if you like this. Guessing not many did, it was £5 for 12 for ages in my Tescos, so guessing they couldn't shift it. In any case, if you like it and can find it, great deal.
Its not online, just checked. Wonder if its in store national or store specific?
Will not be short coded for a quick sale ..still a good price though
Has anybody actually tried this? Might realise why it is so cheap if you have!
I'm sure it's nice, but I don't like lager or beer. Was going to get some for my mates and spend the last day of summer (probably) in the park.
If i remember correctly its about 2.8% strength...Not for me but hot anyway
These go out of date end of this month, so have been reduced
You couldn't pay me to drink this.
Great find
Tastes like ****.
Hot if you like the taste of **** though!

You couldn't pay me to drink this.

I don't think anybody was offering to.

It's quite a nice "summer drink". Low(ish) alcohol lager and lime really.
At less than 17p per can this is a decent deal for a refreshing lager.
May aswell just buy tesco value lager, tastes the same as this pish
Some moaners about! cant please everyone.. great deal!!
Clearly a misprint in the 1 shop in the uk. Year another lame deal
anyone confirm nationwide or just store specific?
Not in Pengam, Cardiff

At less than 17p per can this is a decent deal for a refreshing lager.

Mate...its many things but refreshing **** isn't my idea of fun!
hot from me my missus likes it,if your drinking Tesco value lager I worry for you.
none in Tesco Werrington, peterborough
Princees Diana's favourite lager
Not had it from a can, but had it on tap once. Wasn't bad.
Though it does taste a bit diluted compared to normal lager as it's weaker on the alcohol.
If they made a full strength version I'd have bought it at full price.
Still, this deal ain't bad at that price.
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None in Coventry Ricoh
Couldn't see this in Tesco at Ricoh, Coventry.
hope they have these in my area

its not much of a deal, its 2.8% 330ml cans, u can get Tesco or asda … its not much of a deal, its 2.8% 330ml cans, u can get Tesco or asda smart price larger for same percent for £1 x4 440ml cans.

I'm guessing maths isn't your strong point... This is 12 cans for £2.
none in brooklands surrey.
Wow thats cheap. Good find OP
I can't help but laugh at some of the comments that relate purely to strength/ABV. If that's the case, then meths may well be a cheaper option for you. I kind of thought that you drank for the taste, not just to get hammered!
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this tastes like absolute ass.. honestly id rather drink tap water mixed with rubbing alcohol.
Not to everyones liking obviously but still, 12 cans for £2 is a cracking deal for any beverage.
£5 is Cogan/Penarth branch. Hubby won't touch the stuff as he also says the abv is pants but for me, with a 7yr old to look after, 2 of these with loads of ice on a warm evening is just right :-)
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