12 x Kodak AA / AAA Batteries @ Poundland

12 x Kodak AA / AAA Batteries @ Poundland

Found 14th Dec 2009
Thought these might come in handy with xmas coming up and all the toys / gadgets that will require batteries.

A pack of 12 Kodak Batteries available in either AA or AAA size. Good price to say they are branded.
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they might be cheap mate, but they're absolutely murder.
I bought a load for Xbox / Wii controllers and they last hardly any time at all.
Good price for clocks, tv remotes and that sort of thing though.
Can't comment on the quality unfortunately.

I thought they'd have been half decent because of the brand but maybe they are more suitable for something requiring not so much power such as cameras :whistling:
No better than the packs of 20 powercell batteries. It looks like they've just used the same batteries, but licensed the Kodak brand and made the pack a lot smaller as people will just see the kodak brand and think they must be good.
Sorry OP, but we have had these and they are rubbish. Either they are fake Kodak, or Kodak is not the quality it used to be. Cheap, but they really don't last. I think the bogof deal that the supermarkets are doing on Duracell is a better value deal.
Stop wasting your money on crap.
Rechargeables that keep their charge and are ready to use, best current prices:
I have to agree, we have bought these before (from another store too) and they are terrible.

Thanks OP for the posting though, I am sure you posted in good faith .:)
are poundland recruiting tombliboo's? :w00t:
I've had the same three batteries in my 20 bulb front bike light - they've lasted well over two months and still going strong. (3 x Kodak AAA)

Guess it depends on what you need them from - but for my needs, its a good price
I have used the Kodak C cell batteries from Poundland in wireless doorbells and found they were rubbish, lasted only a couple of months, a waste of money
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