12 x Milk and Cereal Belvita £1 @ Morrisons

12 x Milk and Cereal Belvita £1 @ Morrisons

Found 28th Jan 2018
Cheapest price that I have ever seen Belvita for. I cannot find the product online, but there were plenty in stock at Morrisons Bridport.
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Is this a store-specific price, indicated by a yellow sticker on the packages? Or has this product gone from what seems to have been regular £1.75 price for several months to a national clearance price of £1? I managed to get what I think are some of these, plus one of the Honey & Nuts versions, at store-specific stickered 88p each on one specific day in one store at the late part of last year. Are these the green-flashed packs (600g) that seem to have been regularly £1.75 for several months or the red-flashed packs (540g) that seem to have been much higher price? I assume this is the green-flashed version (BC 7 622210 016553 Milk & Cereals) which is now £1, not sure at the moment whether this is store-specific sticker or is now national clearance price. If it is national clearance, presumably Honey & Nuts on BC 7 622210 06515, green-flashed version (green background to where it says "BIG PACK 12 PORTIONS" flashed on the front of the packs), is now £1 clearance in some other stores? I suspect red-flashed will still be high price - presumably around £2.79?

Obviously this is the dedicated shopper writing, that pays attention to these things (lol)!

Actually the cheapest price I ever saw Belvita for in Morrisons was one flavour of what was then the 6 pack 300g at 10p national clearance price a year or two ago - obviously with that price up (which was a large yellow offer card), the shelf was completely bare and I never saw any of that flavour ever again. All the rest were up and down from £1 but that one flavour was absent wherever I went, having moved onto RTC before I arrived, whilst I was looking the other way, and had already completely vanished from my store by the time I saw the offer card.
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