120GB Xbox 360 Hard Drive £79.99 @ Play.com (quidco £77.60)
120GB Xbox 360 Hard Drive  £79.99 @ Play.com (quidco £77.60)

120GB Xbox 360 Hard Drive £79.99 @ Play.com (quidco £77.60)

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Just thought it was a good deal and couldn't find it posted but only £79.99 at play.com for 120GB version!!

or less with quidco
Dont think i need say anymore lol


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Expired as already posted before just found it. Though never got any heat how come?

Was posted about a week ago but only got about +9 heat.

I guess it's beacuse the 20GB one that you get with it is normally enough!

Good price though if you want one and i always prefer to get official add-ons that cheaper brand replicants.

Probably because although its the cheapest price for the official hard drive, its still overpriced, and alternative, fake hard drives are available for cheaper.

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what is the cheapest method can i buy a faulty one of hard drive and just change over the hard drive insde (assuming that the fault)? as i really dont have £80 lol

am i aloud to ask this in the forum as i am only asking in theoretical terms

The 360 Pro is about to be released with a 60GB hard drive as standard very soon so hopefully this will drop even further :thumbsup:. I'd like a bigger hard drive since my 20GB is almost full but Microsoft are just taking the P*** with the price of these things! :x.

Sadly its not as simple as that. You need to buy a specific drive (make and model number) and then modify it so the Xbox thinks its a genuine MS hard drive. I can't remember the exact process but I know its not a simple plug and play job.

I have the elite 120 hd drive (bought for hdmi connection) no need for 120gb save your money.

not voting hot or cold as this is a matter of preference.
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