120x80 canvas from Picanova - £31.99

120x80 canvas from Picanova - £31.99

Found 17th Dec 2016
Received email today, same price for three different sizes. Seem to be Available every weekend, sometimes midweek as well. I have had two delivered from them and the quality was fine, no issues at all.


17.6% Quidco available too!
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this and the one posted before (my-picture) all seem to be based at the same location - cologne, Germany. affiliates? how trust worthy are these?
Don't order , I sent a picture was not dark but when I received my canvas was really dark could hardly see the pic , emailed them several times and no response so threw the canvas away in the end .
Like I said, I have ordered two 120x80 prints and both were fine. I do profile my own screens and make sure I tell the printers not to re-profile my shots.
Shows up as £119.90p for me at 120 x 80 size canvas?
i've ordered 2 huge prints from these before, both turned out excellent
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