12/24V Multi-Standard Mobile CB Radio Full EU coverage, £76.20 delivered @ CPC.

12/24V Multi-Standard Mobile CB Radio Full EU coverage, £76.20 delivered @ CPC.

Found 14th Dec 2017
Multi-standard mobile CB radio for UK and EU bands, it is an ideal radio for users travelling across Europe as it includes various options to select CB frequency bands for Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Poland and UK (Please note when using in UK you may only select the bands UK, UE or EC).
  • Multi-function display with back light
  • Microphone with up/down buttons
  • External S meter socket
  • Quick up/down channel selector and scanning
  • Emergency button
  • Mic gain control
  • RF gain control
  • External speaker socket
  • Power: 12-24V DC
  • Four preset memories
  • Dual watch to enable monitoring of two channels at the same time
  • Automatic noise limiter
  • Local/DX switch; PA function
  • Frequency Bands
  • EC: CEPT 40CH FM 4 Watts
  • E: Spain 40CH AM/FM 4 Watts
  • F: France 40CH FM 4 Watts / 40CH AM 1 Watt
  • PL: Poland 40CH AM/FM 4 Watts (+ / - 5KHz)
  • UK: UK 40CH FM 4Watts
  • UE: UK 40CH FM 4 Watts / 40CH CEPT (EC) 4 Watts
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petegaffney5 m ago

That’s a 10:4 buddy, what’s your handle?

Mine used to be Bodysnatcher
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Heres some CB slang lol
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Mine used to be Bodysnatcher

I was "White Dwarf" and I had my arial '(twig) on a magnetic mount for the car
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1 9 a roger. 10 4 rubber dick
Good grief. Now there's a throwback from the 70's. Are these things actually still used? Guessing truckers?
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