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Office 365 + Domain + Website for only £1 (ex vat) per month (12 months min) @ 123-reg
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Posted 10th Oct 2016Posted 10th Oct 2016
Office 365 + Domain + Website for only £1 (ex vat) per month (12 months min) @ 123-reg
This popped up in a facebook ad and doesn't seem a bad price for what you get. Just remember to cancel before the 12 months are up for renewal as it works out around £15 per month… Read more

Thanks for the update sslesar


Yes, my website is free forever. My domain connected to ucoz.com web hosting with free CMS (news, forum, poll, board, fan, and a lot of modules). Also my email from Google services and easy to use like personal account google with your own domain. You can make up to 50 emails addresses for free (if it's true, I created 5 email address)


Wow, this "simple" deal is anything but. As others have commented, this is quite typical of 123reg. (Probably so called as it appears to be run 1-3 numpties more than likely all called Reginald) I've had a couple of domain names and 1 hosting account and whilst they weren't as bad as some, they did cause sites to be offline for days at a time through no fault of mine.


Just domain, my website connected on free web hosting and free email from Google.


no, My domain already connected since 2009 and still working fine. No fee, no charge. name@name.co.uk and connect to Google Apps, i can't remember how I did. Just Admin panel and wrote domain addres like NX).

.INFO Domains on Sale, 81% OFF  / .BIZ Domains on Sale 50% off @ 1-2-3 Reg
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Posted 14th Dec 2013Posted 14th Dec 2013
.INFO Domains on Sale, 81% OFF / .BIZ Domains on Sale 50% off @ 1-2-3 Reg
Hosting website REG 123 is doing few sales so i found this one. (.INFO Domains) on Sale, 81% OFF (.BIZ Domains) on Sale, 50% OFF

True if maybe as a sub domain name, but when you think that 99% of customers would associate a .co.uk or .com address with an online business and these are likely to be found higher in rankings, generally .coms then .co.xx, etc.


+1 very True!


Would never buy a .info complete waste of money one of the worst domain extensions...


Don't be stupid and buy here - you buy on sale and in 1 year they charge you a hugely jumped up price to renew.


That is the smart way to go about business but if you are investing on a Brand you also need to secure it, meaning you need to but almost all the domains with all extensions so you protect your brand/business from brand vultures.

Save £69 on a .xxx domain - £10.99 @ 123reg
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Posted 6th May 2013Posted 6th May 2013
Save £69 on a .xxx domain - £10.99 @ 123reg
Thinking of starting your pornsite empire? Well now's your chance :) And yes i can see significance of the amount you save. It's a 1st yr promo, but should give you a chance to … Read more
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Taken from the Dreamhost wiki....


I'm thought the same but some have pointed out hosting companies nowadays allow porn to be hosted. Interesting.


Running a porn site is not just getting domain name, host and start uploading content. And you`ll need to find a hosting company that will not terminate the service just like that for some silly reason.


Like ice cream


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cnQCk0u49w ? ;)

123-reg Unlimited hosting plan - 6 months FREE and now only 4.49/mo  WAS 8.99/mo
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Posted 27th Nov 2012Posted 27th Nov 2012
123-reg Unlimited hosting plan - 6 months FREE and now only 4.49/mo WAS 8.99/mo
123-reg own web hosting. Now 4.49 per month with the first 6 months free Unlimited plan: 3 Free domain names Unlimited Web space Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited External domains… Read more
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Can anyone recommend the best Web hosting service around please? in 2020 :) 🙏


It's known as overselling. Considering this is just a shared hosting plan it's actually quite expensive.


Love it when companies claim "unlimited" services.


Yes and they also have infinitely wide pipes to get the gazillions of terabytes to everyone in no time at all. Its just like magic.


Agreed. 123-reg are first in industry to get those new Samsung Infinity drives that have unlimited storage, and they're just passing on the benefit to the consumers.

123-reg offering .info domain registration for 1.99 GBP
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Posted 17th Aug 2012Posted 17th Aug 2012
123-reg offering .info domain registration for 1.99 GBP
Reduced from 10.99 as a Summer sale offer.

Yes, it is first year price (in common with many discounts)... name.com has been charging $3.99 for a while, and GoDaddy had charged as low as $1.99 or even lower... .info initially was free for up to 50 domains, led to spammers getting domains and perhaps legacy making it still one of the less popular TLDs for business use.


It started off at -5 - my earlier posts re mydomain.com discounts were held for checking, so perhaps it's automatic as an anti-spamming measure. Further cold down to pettiness IMO - didn't know of their support for privacy bill, but would not have stopped me posting if I had known as it isn't that often a UK domain firm gives this level of saving...


Is it for first year only? Think people are voting cold because of the companies support for internet privacy bill. Lots of people don't like Godaddy for same reason. Use to use reg-123 but found daily cheaper


Not sure why this is cold. I've used 123 reg for years for website registration and have found them to be both cheap and very easy to use.

123-Reg .eu Domain Names 99p for First Year Today only (30/5)
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Posted 30th May 2012Posted 30th May 2012
123-Reg .eu Domain Names 99p for First Year Today only (30/5)
123 Reg are doing .eu domains for 99p for the first year! but today only. At checkout use coupon code 'eu99' Enjoy!

oops sorry didnt think to post the vat too - but yea, good deal normally £4.99+vat for first year then £9.99 thereafter


good price


99p plus vat Total: £1.19

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Hosting, .biz domain and Pro Microsoft Tools for students - £1 Per Month @123-reg
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Posted 21st Jul 2011Posted 21st Jul 2011
Hosting, .biz domain and Pro Microsoft Tools for students - £1 Per Month @123-reg
Student hosting package We've joined forces with Microsoft to put together an exclusive web hosting offer for students. For just £1 a month, you'll get: Our Business Package … Read more
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unis had out loads of software for free while your a student..


Where can you find a list of software you get? and How do you get it? 'With access to thousands of pounds worth of Microsoft software - including Visual Studio, Windows Server and Expression Studio'


Sorry. Why would a student NEED this?

Student Web Hosting & .biz Domain Name *Hosting Plus Package* -  £1 Per Month For 1 Year @ 123-Reg
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Posted 23rd Mar 2011Posted 23rd Mar 2011
Student Web Hosting & .biz Domain Name *Hosting Plus Package* - £1 Per Month For 1 Year @ 123-Reg
Bought this last week, you need an .ac.uk email address to prove your a student, but can set up your website and domain name for a year for £1.00 hosting. Its a .biz domain, but s… Read more
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They charge you ripoff rates.. and set autorenew on your credit card.


What happens at the end of the 12 months?


For non students try Vidahost. Their cheapest hosting is £17 / year or £29 / 2 years (+ VAT) and you can get a .co.uk name too thrown in for free ... far better than a .biz domain

.Co.Uk (& Others) Domain Names - February Fever £2.99 @ 123-reg.co.uk
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Posted 6th Feb 2011Posted 6th Feb 2011
.Co.Uk (& Others) Domain Names - February Fever £2.99 @ 123-reg.co.uk
Cheap Domain Names; .Co.Uk - £2.99 a Year .Mobi - £1.99 a Year .Info - £1.99 a Year .Org.Uk - £3.29 a Year .Me.Uk - £3.29 a Year Lot's More Available
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I recommend Vidahost, a UK company in Bath I have 4 sites with them .. prices start at £17 / year (+ VAT) ... or their next package at £58 for 3 years (+VAT) This package is currently on offer, meaning 3 years for the price of 2


I bought a domain off these people a few years ago, I bought the shop package aswell it was around £70 for the shop and looked rather professioanal, the problems I had was linking a bank account to it, spent hours and I mean hours on the phone to them real hit and miss if you got someone who knew what they were talking about, I did get it sorted in the end, but it was a premium rate so cost a fortune, its probably all changed now (regulation and all that) but I would check the helpline rate, the other issue I found was the search engine words, it was really limited to about 20 as I remember so the search engines had little chance of bringing you up closer than page 10, but you get what you pay for I guess


Many thanks for this, was just about to buy at 123. Changed to daily.co.uk. Thanks!


Anyone know somewhere good to host a your domain, been looking for a decent place that seems good value and also a good service, anyone any idea's?


Price excludes VAT. UKReg *normal* price for .co.uk is £2.95 ex VAT. And yes, you can only register .uk domains for 2 years at a time, no more no less.

.me domain names only £1.99 + VAT for a year at 123-reg.co.uk
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Posted 6th Jan 2011Posted 6th Jan 2011
.me domain names only £1.99 + VAT for a year at 123-reg.co.uk
it is now only £1.99 + VAT (£2.39) for a .me domain for a year. Great for any blogs or personal websites. From the terms and conditions: The £1.99 registration fee shall apply… Read more

nice one. just registered takeapicof.me




Sarcasm I hope.


Do you have any alternate (cheaper) suggestions? BFN, fp.


Damn they wont let you pay with paypal if you dont have a valid debit card linked :(

.eu domains available at 99p for a year @ 123-reg
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Posted 24th Nov 2010Posted 24th Nov 2010
.eu domains available at 99p for a year @ 123-reg
I was looking around for cheap short term domain registration and found pretty good price for .EU domains at 123-reg.co.uk Please note the price given is for the FIRST YEAR ONLY. … Read more
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In answer to your question to me... I can only answer that I see .com & .co.uk as sensible domains - the rest (to me) have been watered down into a muddle of people who weren't quick enough to get a 'proper' domain. All the .name, .co, .tv etc, they all contribute to that. If I see a hotukdeals.org.uk, I will consider it is likely to be rubbish. Just my opinion, doesn't make it fact :)


Few words on the comments above. I've been dealing with "this crowd" for more than 5 years now and didn't have any issue what so ever. I generally welcome any opinion, even the negative ones, and I don't want to start anything, but simply out of curiosity, why you think .co.uk is better than .eu, especially as I said for temporary projects? >> itsisnot -the domain name itself can not be blamed for the spam as there is no link between them... >> Lakeside - why you recon that .eu domains aren't worth even 99p? >> Numpty1 - you have the option to cancel the domain 60 days prior to renewal date... I've done it few times already. >> nicster08 - the chance to post something that everyone will be happy with is pretty much close to 0. Here are some positives about .EU: - .EU is a first level ccTLD and not second level as .co.uk (this fact itself is enough reason for me) - .EU is way younger than .co.uk, therefore more domain names are available. - .EU is 3 characters shorter than .co.uk, so everyone who visit the page type less - .EU is popular outside UK - .EU is now cheaper for a year even than .co.uk - EU bailout Ireland... :)


I had one last year at the same price but didn't renew at £11 or £12.


For 99p move over .INFO it's .EU - the new spammers domain extension!


Should we all edit that and use it in all the topics here for things we don't need? That would make it such fun to read. Never had a problem with 123-reg and I have used them for many years. No billing problems, ever. I would say that .eu domains aren't worth even 99p for a year though!!!

.be domain 99p +17p VAT =£1.16 for 1year @ 123-reg + 8.5% quidco
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Posted 9th Sep 2010Posted 9th Sep 2010
.be domain 99p +17p VAT =£1.16 for 1year @ 123-reg + 8.5% quidco
Get your 99p .be domain – while stocks last! The summer holidays are over, so it's time to get back to school. And, to help you on your way, we're putting a little treat in your lu… Read more

.be is nothing new, you'll find it hard to find anything good


Pah 2 letit.be taken


anyone taken hkud.be yet?


@gavjbrown: "Following the conclusion of the promotional Offer .be domain names will be charged at the standard renewal rate which currently is £9.99 per year. Clients are advised that this current quoted price is subject to change. "


You blow out the candles again.

.eu domains availae at 99P + 8.5% QUidco possible!!  Hurry only for first 60000 users @ 123-reg
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Posted 20th Apr 2010Posted 20th Apr 2010
.eu domains availae at 99P + 8.5% QUidco possible!! Hurry only for first 60000 users @ 123-reg
Just received a mail from them stating Get onboard the 123-reg express ­ and we'll punch your ticket with a 99p .eu domain Are you looking for a nice break? Well, we've got just… Read more
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... F***.EU is already taken.


Ithinkimgonnabone.eu is available for some strange reason EDIT: also notgoogle.co.uk is fairly cheap


its because they are relatively new. I buy the 80p .info domains from godaddy all the time. i use them for all sorts of reasons. and whoever moaned about having to renew next year for £10 - lol, get with it... thats the way it works. Hot deal, but i do hate 123-reg


I was struggling to think of a good .eu name just now. Came up with pepelep.eu but someone's already bought it and is sitting on it for $5000!


heat added. would purchase. need to get round on making a site :)

Save over 70% with a £4.44 .me domain name or £2.99 for a .co.uk domain
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Posted 18th Mar 2010Posted 18th Mar 2010
Save over 70% with a £4.44 .me domain name or £2.99 for a .co.uk domain
We're looking to get your Irish eyes smiling this St Patrick's Day...with a sham-rocking offer. We've rocked our .me domain name price down to the tune of just £4.44, that's a savi… Read more
Avatardeleted84928Get deal*Get deal*

I put a domain name into my basket and entered the code but it doesn't appear to give you the discount. I am presuming it is only on hosting packages. This is a bit of a wild guess but feel free to correct me because "hosting10" doesn't seem to work.

Student Web Hosting @ 123-reg.co.uk
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Posted 4th Feb 2010Posted 4th Feb 2010
Student Web Hosting @ 123-reg.co.uk
Cheap Web Hosting, Not ideal but good for someone! We've joined forces with Microsoft to put together an exclusive web hosting offer for students. For just £1 a month, you'll get:… Read more

This is the worst bloody deal I have ever gone for. I took it out a year ago as a student for around £15 for the whole year with the domain name. I had to register with my .ac.uk student email address. I have just logged onto my internet banking to see they have auto renewed this contract and have charged me just under £100. I don't even use it any more. I am assuming they have emailed me regarding auto renewing, but I graduated in the summer, so I don't have access to my email. I am now left with a huge bill. Can't believe it! Not a hot deal, more like borderline scam.


http://www.zymic.com/ this is good one. try 2day


Im not so sure on just host. Asked one of the reps if i could test transfer speeds, he said no but said all servers run at 100 MBPS. I asked if this was mega bits or bytes. He didn't know what i meant. Not sure really.


Look for the secret link, it provides a discount code. Unfortunately it does not look like it can be applied to the special offer of £2.95 per month. Whoever tries this offer, let us all know if it can.


Yeah Windows 7 and Office is on MSDNAA, not Dreamspark.

Xmas offer from 123-reg on .info domain names - 49p + VAT for 1 year
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Posted 7th Dec 2009Posted 7th Dec 2009
Xmas offer from 123-reg on .info domain names - 49p + VAT for 1 year
123 reg are offering .info domain names for 56p for December only. Description below: "Welcome to our Santa's grotto. Brush off the snow and sit by the fire. We're going to warm… Read more

i wasn't expecting that type of advert :thumbsup: will watch it again tonight :D


lol :)


Also 9.5% Quidco for Domain purchase / Transfer ]Godaddy have better adverts though


I have three .co.uk domains with these, sure they're not the best provider, and their website is a little buggy, but you can do everything you need, and can't go wrong at this price. Just remember to cancel before it renews next year if you don't want to pay full price. :santa:


Certainly yes of course, or a personal home on the web or indeed an info site :)

.eu domains only 95p + Quidco! @ 123-reg
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Posted 1st Jul 2009Posted 1st Jul 2009
.eu domains only 95p + Quidco! @ 123-reg
I have just had an email from 123-reg saying .eu domains are now at 95 pence! Here is what they sent: Pack your suitcases...you and your website are going to Europe this summer. … Read more

My thoughts exactly, I would expect nothing but to be charged full price next year. This is a deal that applies now and its a dam good deal.


It will no doubt be full price next year - and they know that people tend not to want to lose a domain once registered. They "get their money back" by the next few years renewals. Still hot though - but I would say only if you want to get a .eu domain anyway.


You wouldn't see any hidden costs on your invoice. You'd see them in a year when you want to either renew or transfer the domain to another registrar. T&Cs link is still broken.


I have a invoice from my order and there are no hidden costs...


This is cheaper than 123-reg's cost, I'd stay very far away until I could understand the way they're going to claw their money back. The link to the T&Cs goes to Page Not Found - http://www.123-reg.co.uk/terms/eu-summer-offer-terms.shtml.

123-drive - Up to 10GB of free secure online storage
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Posted 2nd Feb 2009Posted 2nd Feb 2009
123-drive - Up to 10GB of free secure online storage
123-drive is a free online storage space that works just like the folders on your computer. It's there for you 24/7. The 123-drive is the perfect place for your information and fi… Read more

Does this offer the ability to upload in more than a 2Gb block as Adrive does? I have a number of folders that I could do with uploading but the 2gb restriction would mean that it will take ages as it would have to be completed in stages.


Gonna give it a whirl ;-)


Basic registration (up to 50GB) is free, but you must register, larger sized storage is not free.


It states 14 day trial ...


http://www.adrive.com is better. Free 50GB

.info domain for £1.16 including VAT
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Posted 21st Sep 2008Posted 21st Sep 2008
.info domain for £1.16 including VAT
123-Reg are offering .info domains for 99p plus the usual 17p VAT for 1 years registration. This offer will run until the end of 2008. The offer is open to newly registered domain… Read more

I use UKReg.com for all my domains. They charge a few pennies more.. £6.93 for two years on a .co.uk domain.. If your buying a .com domain you can get the .co.uk name free for a year..


is the £2 domain sale from daily at quidco per order or per domain?


i don't get who's voting this deal hot, makes no sense to me... telivo deal is hot for .co.uk :)


I use telivo, only £2.50+VAT a year for .co.uk seems to be cheaper than daily http://www.telivo.com/domain-names.html


I would contact memorybits and ask them for allowing the email address.

.info domain name 99p+ VAT + 9% Quidco - 123-reg.co.uk
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Posted 30th Jul 2008Posted 30th Jul 2008
.info domain name 99p+ VAT + 9% Quidco - 123-reg.co.uk
.info domain name for 99p + 9% Quidco Finishes tomorrow - be quick!
Avatardeleted60059Get deal*Get deal*

quite a common price these days for .info. godaddy.com selling at £1, no vat. far more flexible and much larger company, although 123-reg are great. I use them for all my european domains, co uk etc. and godaddy for anything else.


LOL well edit your posts then, it's potentially off-putting to people reading.


Indeed, but this is a DEAL on a .INFO


99p for the first year then 8.99 a year , would be cheaper purchasing a .co.uk at 2.89 per year if keeping more than for 1 year .


Sorry, ignore my rants - this is 123-reg not 1&1.

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