125 cash back on EE home broadband @ TCB

125 cash back on EE home broadband @ TCB

Found 31st Jan 2017
125 cash back on EE home broadband which brings the price down to 370 for 18 months unlimited broadband
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Shame it doesn't apply to Fibre.
It dors apply to fibte from what I can see.
zoh I see. Just £50 for fibre.
Are you sure you've got your maths right?

18 months at £21 per month (for 17Mb/s unlimited including line rental) plus £7 for router delivery comes to a contract cost of £385 (£21.38/mth).
Subtracting the £125 given by TCB brings the overall contract cost down to £260.
£260 Is the equivalent of £14.44 which is a good price (of course they will raise charges during the 18 months).

So, I have no idea where you are getting £370 (£20.55/mth) from?

Edited by: "fablanta" 1st Feb 2017
I think a little more information I'd required as to how you arrived at your calculations, as fablanta mentions above. Also, cash back is never guaranteed be it TCB or Quidco.
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