£1.25 vs £3 + Adults can use/buy children's Suncream Boots in store

£1.25 vs £3 + Adults can use/buy children's Suncream Boots in store

LocalFound 28th Aug 2017
Looking at suncream in Boots and silly prices at this time of year. Found the children's at a fraction of the price with the same ingredients - £1.25 for factor 30 and noticed that adults available but only saw factor 15. 200ml half price.

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I'm a kid at heart
Does it leave a blue hue like Nivea suncream for children?
No it's a spray
And now I have to assume that there are adults in existence with such low intelligence that they think they cant use sun cream because it has 'kids' written on it.
Do these same adults think a kids yoghurts will poison them because they are over 18.
Yet another Boots rip-off. They know people won't pay more than a certain price for children's suncream, but that those same people will pay a lot more for adult suncream. So they sell the same thing in two different packs and overcharge for the adult version.

Boots: American owned, tax avoiding, but still pretending to be the old-style lovable Boots of Nottingham to hoodwink their customers into thinking it's good old trustworthy Boots. Rather than the new-style, untrustworthy, tax avoiding, rip-off American Boots that it really is.
Looks like mustard...
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