1.25kg Stoneless Olives £1.99 (Instore) @ B&M Retail

1.25kg Stoneless Olives £1.99 (Instore) @ B&M Retail

Found 13th Dec 2010Made hot 15th Dec 2010
On my 3rd tub. Stoneless and tasty. I think a lot of Olives for the price. Also same for Black Olives.

My local Uttoxeter store but expect nationwide


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they also have wholegrain mustard by schwartz for chefs in catering size plastic jars for 1.99, bought one today, mix with honey and throw some chipolatas in , oven cook for a lovely sticky glaze!!! nom nom nom

I usually get the jars from home bargains for 69p (I think) because I can't eat them fast enough and they end up going mouldy lol

Hot from me. Got a bread making machine in Amazon black Friday deals and I love olive bread :p.

Good to chuck a few extra olives on ready-made pizza too,

theyre 1.19 at lydl for the same size, dont know if they will taste as good but theyre tasty enough for me to buy em

super hot.
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