125ml bottle pet deodorant
125ml bottle pet deodorant

125ml bottle pet deodorant

Fresh Pets Free Sample
From time to time does your pet have any of the following problems:

A Smelly Coat?
Bad Breath?
Wind Odours?
Litter Tray / Litter Box Odours?
Urine Spray Odours?
Urine Burns On Your Lawn?

If you have ticked one or more boxes above we should be able to help you and you may request a free trial by clicking the link below.

If you are unsure or unable to tick any of the boxes above email us first at [email protected]freshpets.co.uk outlining the problem and we will let you know if Fresh Pets is likely to help.

Please note that your Fresh Pets is a 125ml bottle that does not usually fit through a regular letter box. If you are not likely to be in to receive it ( and rather than have to go to the post office to collect it), you may care to give a delivery address where someone will be in to sign for it.


Thanks. I'm might use it myself

Thank you for your interest in Fresh Pets
Due to an overwhelming demand we have now exceeded our allocation for free samples.

However to help you solve your pet odour problem we can offer you the next best thing :

As we are so sure that you will be delighted with the results after two weeks usage we offer an unconditional money-back guarantee.

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